3 Ways to Stop a Gulfport Self Storage Unit Lien

self storage unit lienTo stop a self storage unit lien, you’ve got to take action. And, take action right away. Every day you wait just makes the situation all the worse. Although it’s not pleasant, you’ve got to do something or you’ll soon find yourself locked out and all your possessions in danger of being auctioned off. That’s not a desirable scenario, so it’s time to look into your options.

Consider Storage Unit Cleanout

The first thing you should seriously consider is a storage unit cleanout. This is where you hire a crew to come in and clear it out. This will do two things for you — it will take the work off your hands and will also force you to keep as little as possible. Then, you can more effectively deal with the arrears. If you are behind in your lease, a storage unit cleanout is a great way to begin to deal with it.
If a tenant fails to move out later and claims the operator did not have the right to take possession of the property, the court could look at the agreement and would recognize that the abandonment was given in consideration for the operator’s agreement not to proceed with the sale. The fact that the tenant failed to meet the deadline would not remove the operator’s right to take possession. —Inside Self-Storage
That’s because if you just leave your stuff in the unit, you’ll have more work to do. And, that’s precisely what’s contributing to you feeling overwhelmed. Once the storage unit cleanout is done, you won’t feel as trapped.

3 Ways to Stop a Gulfport Self Storage Unit Lien

Now, if you want to continue to use the space, you’ll have to do something to right the situation. Otherwise, you’ll find a lien against you and that’s definitely a problem you really want to avoid. So, here are three ways to stop a self storage lien from happening:
  • Pay the whole balance in-full. Perhaps the most obvious way to stop a self storage unit lien is to prevent it from happening at all. You can do this by biting the bullet and paying the entire amount you owe. Doing this will bring you current, so you can then vacate the space and walk away scot-free.
  • Request a payment arrangement. If you don’t have the full amount and want to prevent a lien, you can request a payment arrangement. Keep in mind, not all facilities will extend such an option but it’s definitely worth a try.
  • Learn if small claims court is an option. Another alternative is to look into small claims court. If you suspect that there’s a nefarious reason behind seeking a lien or that your rights have been violated, you might find relief here. But, this might also serve as a temporary stop-gap.
If you need a storage unit cleanout done right away, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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