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Getting a Florida Home Ready for an Appraisal

The Florida home appraisal -- it's one of the most anxious processes of a Florida real estate transaction. Both seller and buyer nervously wait with baited breath for the number to come back so the transaction can go through as scheduled. Unfortunately, if the appraisal values a home for a price that's out-of-line with the agreed purchase price, the deal isn't likely to go through as planned. To avoid this from happening, you can do some things to bring a higher appraisal value.

Getting a Home Ready for an Appraisal

A home appraisal in Florida is based on several factors. First and foremost is location, which of course, you can't change. However, if the home is in a decent neighborhood, you'll be in a more advantageous position. Another factor is comparable Florida properties -- which are comprised of recently sold homes with the similar square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, and similar features.

One common thread that runs through homeowners is that they typically think their home is the nicest in the development, according to veteran appraisers. The single most difficult challenge to a Florida appraiser is trying to convince a homeowner otherwise. Whether or not you own the nicest home on the block, when it comes time to refinance or sell it, getting a high house appraisal is crucial. --AOL Real Estate

Keep in mind the appraiser might be a licensed professional, but that doesn't mean he or she will pull the best comparables. So, have your real estate agent do this and leave these for the appraiser for comparison. Here are some more ways to get a home ready for an appraisal:

  • Beef-up the curb appeal. Mow the yard, trim hedges, shrubs, and trees, and be sure to cleanup all the yard waste. Then, spread some mulch around trees, around the mailbox, and in the planter. Add a few colorful flowering plants and this will spruce up the curb appeal to make a great first impression.
  • Deep clean top to bottom. Cleanliness is definitely a big factor. The more organized, neat, and clean a home appears, the better. Windows, doors, countertops, and floors, all should be as clean as possible to carry the first impression through the rest of the home.
  • Fix anything and everything that's broken. No matter how minor it is, it needs to be repaired or replaced. Appraisers are people and will wonder if after seeing a broken cabinet hinge on the vanity, what else has been left without repair.
  • Make a list of improvements you've already done. If you've made any improvements, such as new appliances, remodeled the kitchen, or other makeovers, write out a list and leave that for the appraiser.
  • Declutter every single space in the home. Storage is an issue with most people, they like plenty of it. For appraisers, storage space is appreciated but doesn't have a lot to do with the value of the home. However, easy access to every space will certainly make a good impression.

Another step you can take is to make a list of nearby amenities and recreational opportunities. This shows the home is close to things to see and do, which has to do with location, and, that's a good thing.