How to Avoid Code Violation Fines in Palm Beach with Property Cleanup

property cleanupProperty cleanup. No, it’s not exciting. And, it’s a big pain. But, it’s something that’s necessary, especially if you’ve been warned or threatened with a code violation. It’s a bad situation and will only get worse, if you don’t take appropriate action. Sure, it’s a scenario you’d like to completely avoid. Although, ignoring it is just not a realistic option.

What are Property Code Violations?

So, exactly what is a property code violation? Basically, these are sets of local rules or laws which call for certain standards. It could deal with things like street parking, exterior colors, and more. But, most often, people tend to think of things like overgrown lawns, junk left outside plain sight, and like instances. However, it can also pertain to the height of a fence or the material of a fence.
Palm Beach resident Giovanni Caliendo and code enforcement officers have been in a battle for a while now, but faced with health issues and financial problems, Caliendo said he and his wife Emily haven’t been able to afford, or physically do, any improvements. He’s had his neighbors help him with trimming the trees and taking down a fence, but he’s been told it wasn’t enough. —Palm Beach Post
The purpose of property codes is to maintain a standard in order to keep property values strong. If these laws didn’t exist, some communities would suffer from artificially low property values. Which ultimately means a negative impact on parties which have nothing to do with the culprit. In other words, these regulations exist so your neighbors can’t devalue your house. But, this doesn’t mean you won’t ever experience any trouble.

How to Avoid Code Violation Fines in Palm Beach with Property Cleanup

Okay, so if you rent a property out or have another reason you’re facing a code violation, you’ll need to do something about it quickly. The best answer is to simply bring in a local junk removal company to take care of it. However, if you still want to go the DIY route, here are some helpful suggestions:
  • Remove any junk garbage. Let’s begin with the obvious first step– get rid of the junk garbage. Whatever it is, deal with it right away so it’s no longer the source of the overall problem.
  • Make any necessary repairs. This includes things like a broken or downed fence, and more. It might be a roof that’s in need of repair. Speak with your insurance company and if that’s not an option, talk to local contractors. Should it be too expensive, consider a fundraising campaign or speaking to a church of which you are a member.
  • Mow the lawn and spruce up the landscaping. Another thing you can do is to simply take care of the overgrown lawn and to improve the landscaping to make it pop.
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