Bartow Rental Property Clean Out and Preparation

rental property clean outYou’ve got a rental property and it’s vacant. The longer it stays unoccupied, the more money you lose, so it’s imperative you rent it out as soon as possible. There’s just one problem–it’s filthy and full of abandoned junk the last tenant abruptly left behind. You don’t want to call-in a costly cleaning and rehab crew because the space isn’t that bad but it certainly won’t be ready to show in its current state so you’ve got to tackle it.

Bartow Rental Property Clean Out

The one thing you know by now is that potential tenants won’t sign a lease to a space that isn’t clean and inviting. You’ve got to get it ready to show and are wondering where to start and how to declutter it without having to pay expensive dumping fees. Since it’s been unoccupied for awhile, it could use a bit of freshening-up.
One of the first things most prospective tenants notice is how clean the rental home is, so don’t leave that first impression to chance. A clean rental home implies good maintenance and reliability on the part of the landlord and the tenants who’ve come before, setting a precedent to respect the property. —
First on the list is to empty the space out. Be it furniture, clothing, or just junk garbage, you’ve got to clear it out completely. Call a junk hauling service to come and clear out the property so you can clean it up. This will cost less than renting a dumpster and also less than renting a truck to take it to the landfill where you’ll pay additional fees.

Rental Property Preparation

After the junk hauling service cleans it out, you can then start sanitizing the space. Start with the living room, work to the dining and kitchen, then onto the bathrooms, and finally, to the bedrooms. Concentrate on the walls and floor in the living room because these are what will garner the most attention when you show the property. When you get to the kitchen, put a heavy emphasis on the countertops and appliances. The floor ought to be clean but the real shine needs to come from the countertops and appliances. People associate cleanliness with these in kitchens more than anything else. When the living room and kitchen are spotless, do the following:
  • Deep clean the bathrooms. Nothing repulses people more than an unkempt bathroom and that means every nook and corner. Deep clean the bathrooms, from the tub and/or shower to the toilet, the floor, vanity, and cabinets.
  • Clear out the closets. Every single closet and cabinet ought to be completely empty and immaculate. People will definitely take notice of anything left inside these storage areas and will also be turned-off by whatever is left behind.
  • Clean all the windows. The last items on your list to clean should be the windows. Smudges and dirt are highly visible and do more to repel people than practically anything else. Light is a powerful selling feature, so use it where you can.
For rental property cleanout, phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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