Best Cortez Lawn Equipment Disposal Options

lawn equipment disposalLawn equipment disposal. There’s probably nothing less exciting and welcome to put on any to-do list. And, it’s an out of sight, out of mind type of thing. Think about it, when’s the last time you really gave any consideration to your lawn equipment? That’s right, probably about this time of year, last year. And now, with summer fully upon us, now isn’t the time for your lawn mower, edger, line trimmer, or leaf blower to fail. But, sooner or later, it will happen and that’s the problem. Because then lawn equipment disposal is an unavoidable reality.

Top Lawn Equipment Disposal Don’ts to Avoid

If you’re faced with lawn equipment disposal, don’t despair. There are some options available. What you don’t want to do is make the situation go from bad to worse. And, it can easily do so, if you make the wrong choices. For instance, don’t drop it off on an empty lot or throw it by the wayside. That’s illegal dumping and it’s definitely nowhere near worth the risk.
No matter how smoothly your lawn mower hums this summer, eventually the day will come when it coughs and sputters its way to the garbage heap. But is that an environmentally responsible way to discard it? The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute suggests five ways to handle the disposal problem. First, decide if the machine can still be used or has some value. Then, choose the most appropriate method for disposal. —Deseret
Also, don’t put it out on the curb. Your local trash collection agency won’t touch it. (This is due to the fact there are hazardous materials involved, as well as some recyclable parts.) Additionally, you can’t ignore it because you still need as much space as possible.

Best Cortez Lawn Equipment Disposal Options

So, now that you’re faced with lawn equipment disposal, what do you do? How can you get rid of that stuff with as little hassle as possible? Well, there are some options available to you, like the following:
  • Sell it. If it’s still in working condition or isn’t completely kaput, you can sell it. Contact a few local lawn care services or landscaping companies and ask if they want it.
  • Donate it. Another option is to donate it to a local shelter, a nearby school, or even a church. These organizations might welcome a gift and you’ll get a small tax break.
  • Give it away. You can also just give it away to anyone who is willing to take it off your hands. There are small machine hobbyists and others who might want it.
  • Recycle it or junk it. Of course, you can always recycle what’s acceptable or just junk it outright to be rid of it for good.
When you need lawn equipment disposal, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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