Best Garage Organization Upgrades


The best garage organization upgrades make it easier to find what you need, when you need it. From simple storage hacks to more elaborate systems, you can transform your cramped garage into the envy of the entire neighborhood. First, you’ve got to empty the whole space out, leaving nothing inside so you have plenty of room to work with and can better organize what you’ll keep. The rest can be sold, donated, or hauled away.

Best Garage Organization Upgrades in Fort Lauderdale

Like duplex property clean out do’s and don’ts, there are certain things you should avoid when installing garage organization upgrades. These include understanding what you can and cannot “throw away” and/or recycle. For instance, old paint cans, oil containers, and the like are considered hazardous materials. So, these can’t be tossed into the curbside pick up collection bin.

If you live in the home of your dreams but your garage is simply where you park, stop right there. There’s no reason your garage can’t be every bit as spectacular as your home. Organizers can help you cut the clutter in no time at all by getting your items off the floor and onto the walls for easy access and storage. —Garage

Likewise, if you need to do something with old lawn equipment that’s been tucked away in your garage, you can’t simply put it on the curb (unless you place a “Free” sign on it). You can sell old lawn equipment to a local yard service, sell the working parts, give it to a charity, or let a neighbor take it. Once the garage is empty, it’s time to put in storage systems. Wall systems, ceiling systems, and a wall-mounted, folding workbench will all provide excellent organization. Hang a few pantry and two-door color cabinets for some pop and extra storage space.

Best Garage Upgrades for Aesthetics and Function

Another nice storage upgrade is a work clothes storage station. A simple 18-inch towel bar will accommodate sweatshirts and gardening jackets nicely, keeping them out of the house. Once your garage is organized, you can opt for some aesthetics and function to really upgrade this otherwise dull space. Here are four great garage upgrades which are worthwhile investments:

  • Flooring. That run-of-the-mill concrete floor sure serves its purpose but it’s dull, boring, and ugly. Upgrade to an epoxy coating or install new garage floor tile. Both will substantially bring style and color into the space, beautifying it and it’s easier to keep clean. What’s more, both types of garage flooring are very resilient to wear and tear.
  • Garage door. Did you know a new garage door brings one of the highest returns on investment? Remodel Magazine’s Annual Cost vs. Value Survey reveals a ROI of 90 percent to 91.5 percent. That’s certainly a worthwhile upgrade because it not only provides more security and better function, but also, it adds to your home’s curb appeal.
  • Lighting. Most garages are equipped with little more than a single bulb, located in the center of the space. That’s certainly not enough lighting, especially after sundown or on overcast days. Install long fluorescent light strips to really provide ample illumination for the whole area.
  • Climate control. What’s the worst thing about working in a garage in Florida? The heat! It’s relentless and just having the garage door open does little, even if there is a large oscillating fan. Consider installing a ductless mini-split system to keep it comfortable all year. An alternative is portable air conditioner, which you can roll around.

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