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Best Naples Storage Unit Lien Fixes

Storage unit lien fixes aren’t necessarily easy to pull off. But, that’s not to say it’s impossible. After all, self storage lien options are tricky to employ, to say the least. And, in most cases, it’s not really possible. However, this doesn’t mean all is lost. There are ways to deal with a storage unit lien. But, it does require some unpleasant realities. Whether it’s about to occur or has already happened, there are a few options though not many are particularly good.

The Storage Unit Lien Explained

Speaking of storage unit lien remedies, we’ll have to first talk about what a lien is and how it works. Basically, it’s a legal action set against someone’s personal possessions. In the case of a storage unit, the lien is levied against the renter’s possessions.

If a tenant fails to move out later and claims the operator did not have the right to take possession of the property, the court could look at the agreement and would recognize that the abandonment was given in consideration for the operator’s agreement not to proceed with the sale. The fact that the tenant failed to meet the deadline would not remove the operator’s right to take possession. --Inside Self-Storage

Although the storage company will surely try to collect any unpaid rent, once enough time passes, the lease contract gives the company legal right to prevent you from accessing what’s inside. Eventually, the storage facility will set an auction date to sell said possessions in an attempt to cover or offset its losses. If you don’t act during this time period, it’s highly likely you’ll forfeit what’s inside the storage unit.

Best Naples Storage Unit Lien Fixes

If you want out of a lease early or you’re possibly facing a lien, you need to take action right away. So, here are a few storage unit lien fixes you can try out:

  • Pay what you owe, in-full. The most obvious solution is to pay all that you owe to the self storage company, including past due rent and any fees. While this is an expensive option, you will regain access to the unit so you can empty it and move on, with your possessions.
  • Arrange a payment schedule. You can also approach the storage company and ask about getting on a payment plan. Some will allow it, while others won’t accept it and will instead demand payment in-full.
  • Learn if small claims court is an option. Another alternative is to look into small claims court. If you suspect that there’s a nefarious reason behind seeking a lien or that your rights have been violated, you might find relief here. But, this might also serve as a temporary stop-gap.

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