Biggest Surprise Home Safety Hazards in New Port Richey Homes

home safety hazardsThe biggest surprise home safety hazards might just surprise you. In fact, the biggest surprise home safety hazards probably aren’t something you think about on a regular basis. But, your house is likely littered with safety issues, you just aren’t aware of — at least, aware of yet. We don’t think of our personal residents as dens of danger but in all reality, there are plenty of potentially harmful things lurking in and outside.

Why Home Safety Hazards are Everywhere

Home safety hazards are virtually in every corner of your home. They are also equally, if not more so, present on the outside. The lack of smoke detectors, presence of mold, and other common home safety hazards are all things we easily recognize. But there are others which are unfortunately just not that obvious. And, it’s actually these which pose the most danger because we are unaware of them.
Creating a safe environment where your family can grow and thrive is a top priority. Thankfully, though a number of serious safety hazards lurk around the average home, most of these concerns can be addressed pretty easily. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your family safe. —
It’s easy to become complacent since we live in a relatively safe home environment. But, there are dangers and it’s important to know what these are and what they might cause. By knowing what these are, you can deal with each one to help keep yourself, family, and guests from harm.

Biggest Surprise Home Safety Hazards in New Port Richey Homes

Let’s start with appliances. Yes, appliances. Dishwashers often make the list simply because they are a one-stop place of sharp objects, glass, and more, presenting a danger to curious, small children. But, just about any major appliance is a safety hazard when it nears the end of its lifespan. All become fire hazards as components age and become frail.
  • Kids’ playsets. These might be a bit more obvious. Because of their very purpose, it’s more easy to understand just why these are hazardous. Kids’ playsets pose a number of safety issues. Their very use has the potential to cause physical harm. But also, as a kids’ playset ages, it becomes more dangerous and needs to be dismantled and hauled away.
  • Old storage sheds. Full of clutter and all sorts of stuff that’s inherently dangers, like lawn equipment, fuel, pesticide, and more, storage sheds are a clear safety hazard.
  • Garage and attic clutter. Here again, clutter and junk are the culprits. We think of garage and attic clutter to be a space-wasting nuisance, but it is more than that when it comes to safety. Those boxes you piled up can easily fall over.
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