Bowling Green Storm Shutter Removal and Disposal

storm shutter removalStorm shutter removal can easily be a bit tricky. Some rely on complex railing systems, while others are less sophisticated. Depending on the type, age, and size, it might well require two people to handle. In most instances only common household tools are necessary to remove storm shutters, like a drill-driver, wrenches, pry bar, eye protection, and gloves. It’s generally also a good idea to replace them for continued protection against strong tropical systems.

Storm Shutter Disposal

Basic storm shutter removal begins with assessing how it’s installed and then go from there. But, you’ll also need a plan for their disposal. Since these are made from different types of materials and are rather large, it’s quite likely the local trash collection agency won’t pick them up and haul them away.
Hurricane shutters are a very common sight with homes in a hurricane-prone area. They have been around for years now, but some cynicism does surround the process of making a decision of whether or not to install hurricane shutters. To some people, they give the exterior of your house a rather “ugly” look. They cause visual pollution for anyone who decides to take in your house on a nice day. Hurricane shutters can send their own debris and chips flying into your home. Although this would not always happen, the possibility of it takes the hurricane shutters basic function to trial. —Do It
So, make it easy on yourself and have a local junk removal service come to take them away. Use the opportunity to get rid of a bunch of other unwanted stuff, at the same time. This way, you’ll maximize it and have more storage space around the house.

Bowling Green Storm Shutter Removal

Now, as far as storm shutter removal goes, there is no specific method. Since there are several manufacturers producing different systems, it will take a bit of examination to figure out how to uninstall them. And, that’s the first step in the process of storm shutter removal:
  • Determine how they’re installed. Some storm shutter systems are fastened to rails which, in turn, are fastened to the exterior of the house. While others are simply applied directly to the exterior with removable bolts. Look at the fixture to see how it’s installed.
  • Remove the panels and support track. Next, you’ll need to remove the panels from the support tracks. Here again, you’ll have to asses just how these interlock to take them off. Then, you can also remove the suport tracks.
  • Replace the support track and the panels. If you are replacing the hurricane shutters with another system, simply follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully.
  • Fill the holes left in the exterior wall. If you aren’t replacing the storm shutters, you can simply fill the holes in the exterior walls and then paint to finish.
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