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Bradenton Self Storage Unit Cleanout

Bradenton Self Storage Unit CleanoutStorage unit cleanout. What a drag and how uninteresting. But, it’s time and you’ve got to do it or keep forking over money for something you really no longer need. The lease is about to expire and you don’t want to keep paying that costly monthly lease. The trouble is, that the deadline is fast approaching and the unit is stuffed completely full. You don’t have much time or even a way to transport it all. So, read on to learn more about storage unit cleanout and how to do it right.

Dealing with a Lease

If there’s still an active lease, that too presents a bit of a challenge. You do have a few options, though. First and foremost is to just empty out the unit and then wait for the lease to expire. Don’t renew it and you’re home free. If there’s still a time obligation, you can ask about requesting an early release.

From the day you move your belongings into self-storage and sign the lease, a lien is in place against those items, according to Scott Zucker, an Atlanta attorney who specializes in self-storage matters. That lien lets the storage facility sell your unit’s contents to recoup what it’s owed if you don’t pay the rent. The facility can’t hold an auction right away, though. Every state has different self-storage lien laws in place but most follow a similar timeline.

Keep in mind, there might well be a penalty fee for this convenience. Or, it could require you to just wait it out anyway. There’s also the possibility of subletting it to someone else. But, most storage unit lease agreements prohibit subletting. So, it’s most likely best to go the path of the least resistance.

Bradenton Self Storage Unit Cleanout

If you are at the end or near the end of your lease agreement, you’ll probably be required to not only clear the space out but also, to leave it in “broom swept” condition. Here are some helpful storage unit clear out hacks you can use:

  • Get organized. The key to any type of cleanout is organization. Simply put, you have to know what’s on hand and if it’s worth keeping or not. When you organize all your belongings, you’ll see what has value and what does not.
  • Empty the storage unit. Leave nothing inside. (Check the weather forecast before you do this to ensure you aren’t surprised by inclement weather.) You need to empty it out so you can more easily identify what’s what.
  • Purge by donating and selling. Next, you can donate and sell as much as possible to seriously lighten the load. Remember, the more you offload, the better.
  • Keep what’s important. Now, just because you don’t really want to part with this or that doesn’t mean it’s a necessity. After all, if it’s been inside the storage space for any length of time, it’s probably not that vital. This is a great way to maximize your purge so you have fewer items to store at home.

When you need a storage unit clear out job done right away in Bradenton or elsewhere, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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