How to Deal with Palatka Electronic Waste Disposal

electronic waste disposalElectronics are everywhere and in-use throughout our everyday lives. Practically every industry in the country and the state of Florida relies on electronic equipment to provide goods and services. We use these items daily as well, making them so ubiquitous it’s difficult to manage their dispose. In fact, the Consumer Electronics Association, estimates that this year, American consumers will spend a record $214 billion, an increase from the projected $211.3 billion of 2014 and the association forecasts large figures in the future. With such demand, it’s little wonder why landfill and waste facilities are taking action to confront overwhelming amounts of electronic waste.

Why It’s so Hard to Junk Electronics

Waste is precisely the problem. It’s why junk hauling services are too, in demand. These companies are necessary to handle loads of debris that might still be usable, in another form. As consumers, we have settled into the habit of putting practically everything in the trash. However, many of the electronic equipment that is no longer of use to the average person can be pulled apart and its components used again.
As more electronics recyclers open or expand their businesses in Florida, recycling is becoming more convenient and cheaper. Some businesses even buy unwanted computers and cell/smart phones for reuse or recycling. —Florida Department of Environmental Protection
If you have accumulated a large amount of electronics and are now facing the problem of ridding yourself of them, you’re certainly not alone. Local waste collection agencies generally make it a practice not to pickup or accept electronic waste because of the dangers associated with the components. Among these are components like cathode ray tubes, which contain high levels of lead. Throughout the state of Florida, each county has protocols for either accepting electronics or provides its residents with information on how to dispose of them. Usually, the information contains lists of various recycling facilities and/or retailers which accept such items. Both recycling facilities and retailers disassemble the items taken in and salvage usable parts. Another practice is to outright recycle the materials to use in manufacturing.

How to Deal with Palatka Electronic Waste Disposal

We’ve all seen those giant, out-of-date televisions that were once state-of-the-art. Big, bulky, and heavy, once the components begin to fail, the entertainment item is useless. So, someone will wrestle the over-sized television out of their home and down the curb. Since it’s too large to fit into the bin, it’s placed beside it. There it will stay, even after the trash collection crew have come and gone. If you have an old computer, television, or other type of electronic device, it will be up to you to dispose of it. Depending on where you are in the Sunshine State, you’ll have to cart it to the county collection facility or take it to an approved retailer. If that’s not feasible, simply phone a junk hauling service to come pick it up and take it away. If you need electronic waste disposal done, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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