Differences between Roll Off Dumpster and Junk Removal

So you’ve got a whole lot of junk to get rid of from a big project, maybe it’s a complete remodel, a property clean out, or just plain junk. Whatever it might be, it’s simply too large to stuff into your trunk or the bed of your truck and haul away. What’s more, you already know that the local trash collection agency prohibits part or most of it, so, none of these are an option. Now, you’re trying to decide between a roll off dumpster and a junk removal and hauling service and wonder which one is the best choice?

Differences between Roll Off Dumpster and Junk Removal

It’s not an easy answer, especially if you’re not familiar with how the different types of services work. The one thing these have in common is junk disposal, but, that’s just about it. You’ll find the pricing to be comparable, so, that means it’s a matter of logistics, or is it?
While certainly not the sexiest topic in home renovation, the issue of how to dispose of remodeling waste is becoming more important as it becomes harder to find places to take the stuff. Landfills and transfer stations are concerned about issues like hazardous waste, as well as separating metal, masonry, and other dissimilar materials. —About.com Home Renovations
Here are the key differences between a roll off dumpster and a junk removal and hauling service:

  • Prohibited items. Just like your local trash pickup service, a roll off dumpster company won’t allow you to throw away certain items. That means you’ll have to carefully go through everything and separate out what’s prohibited, such as hazardous materials, electronics, and similar items. A junk hauling and removal service will take just about anything, especially one that offers hoarding clean ups, property clean outs, office clean outs, and other similar services.

  • Size. Make no mistake about it, size matters when it comes to a roll off dumpster. It will be up to you to assess and estimate which size container you need. If you order one that’s too large, you’ll waste money on unused space. Conversely, if you order a container that’s too small, you’ll have to rent it one more time at an extra cost. Junk hauling and removal services come to you, bringing the right sized equipment.

  • Space requirements. Another requirement of roll off dumpster services is that there must be enough space to park the container, and, not be in a prohibited area or difficult place to access. This is because the container stays on location until you schedule pickup and haul away.

  • Labor. If you do save any money by ordering a roll off dumpster, and fill it yourself, you’ll learn why when the company comes to retrieve the container. Not only is it your responsibility to fill it, you must stay with load requirements. What’s more, if you attempt to conceal prohibited items, those will be found, either during the pickup inspection or later on.

Last but not least is organization. With a roll off dumpster service, you are on your own. However, a junk hauling and removal service will help sort and organize.

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