DIY Garage-Workshop Conversion Guide for Bonita Springs and Beyond

DIY garage-workshop conversion. Yes, it’s possible. And, yes, it’s a challenge. But, it’s definitely not impossible. A DIY garage-workshop conversion is a great option for the enthusiastic hobbyist or for someone who wants to start a side business. If you’re considering a DIY garage-workshop conversion, then you need to do it right so it’s not only functional, but comfortable, as well. The trick is to have a workable plan so you don’t waste time or have to redo something all over again. While a garage workshop conversion isn’t all that difficult, it is labor intensive and time-consuming.

Garage Cleanout Tips

Of course, the very first step is to clean out the garage. While you might be tempted to just junk a few items and move others around, you’ll learn this won’t create a space that’s conducive for the actual conversion work. So, start by sorting everything in your garage, much like you would for a storage shed cleanout. Separate everything and assign them to things to keep, stuff to give away, and junk to throw out.

Turn a garage into a functional and good-looking DIY workshop by first clearing the garage completely. Like a clean canvas, an empty garage lets you plan what you need rather than planning around the clutter. Lay out cabinets, counters, shelves, drawers, pegboards and bins for a workshop with a place for everything and then put everything in its place. --Ron Hazelton

You’ll find it’s not necessarily easy to get rid of stuff like old paint and primer, as well as other hazardous materials. Don’t be tempted into illegal dumping, instead, just call a junk hauling and removal service to deal with all the stuff you’re throwing out. Once the space is cleared out, you can then begin to plan and do your garage to workshop conversion.

DIY Garage-Workshop Conversion Guide for Bonita Springs and Beyond

Start with drawing up a floor plan so you have a visual representation to work with. Then, here are a few helpful DIY garage-workshop conversion tips you can use:

  • Add ventilation and insulation. Regardless of what the workshop is for, you’ll need all the ventilation and insulation you can get. This is not only for the sake of comfort, but it is also a safety precaution. Install fans and insulation to make the space more comfortable and safe for use.
  • Install climate control. Here in Florida, there’s no getting away from the heat during the long summer, so be sure to cool the space by installing an air conditioner. You can remove an installed AC window unit in another room or purchase one to use.
  • Update the electrical wiring. Garages are notorious for having very few electrical outlets. In addition, the wiring might not be able to handle the new load. Have a licensed electrician inspect the wiring and circuit breaker box. Upgrade the wiring if necessary and install additional electrical outlets.

When it’s time to do a garage clean out so you can get on with a conversion, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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