Dunedin Vinyl Screen Room Repurposing Tips You can Use

vinyl screen room repurposingVinyl screen room repurposing is a way to get more living and/or entertainment space without having to go through the enormous expense of a room addition. Or, you’d just like a new space for your hobby. Perhaps to provide some space for pets to enjoy. Whatever the reason, you’d like to have the extra space and this is the ideal solution, being able to avoid a costly remodeling or a new room addition. Well, there are ways to repurpose a vinyl screen room to use the way you want.

Vinyl Screen Room Repurposing Considerations

Regardless of why, you might also be wondering what the purpose of having a vinyl screen room is in the first place. And, more particularly, why there are so many still around here in the Sunshine State. Well, these enclosures were very popular many decades ago because they provide the ability to heat and cool without the expense of windows.
Your screened-in porch is a fair-weather retreat for neighborhood chats and lazy afternoons with a board game or a pile of magazines. What it shouldn’t be is a money pit, requiring a roomful of pricey new furniture and expensive accessories. Raid the attic, the local thrift store or Aunt Tillie’s garage to score some old furniture primed to star in its second act on your porch. —San Francisco Gate.com
And, it is less expensive to install this material than put in brand new windows. Although, the former is a huge energy waster, which costs more money month after month. While the latter comes at a higher purchase price but returns on energy savings. So, in the long run, it’s better to have windows over vinyl. Besides, windows are more aesthetically pleasing, providing a resale feature when the time is right.

Dunedin Vinyl Screen Room Repurposing Tips You can Use

Over time, the vinyl fades and begins to corrode or crack from years of weather exposure. Which means you’ll need to do something. So, it’s best to repurpose the space to make it into a functional area. Here’s what you need to know to repurpose a vinyl screen room and make it into a usable space:
  • Empty the room. The first thing you need to do is to clear the vinyl screen room out completely. Leave nothing inside so you have a blank slate to allow your imagination to form a concept for how you’ll use the space in the future.
  • Remove the vinyl. Next, you’ll need to take the vinyl panes off and put them aside, out-of-the-way. Most vinyl screen rooms are equipped with sliding vinyl panels which open and shut manually. So, it should be simple to pull off the tracks and throw them out.
  • Install new windows. To make it an actually functioning space, you’ll need to install new windows. Then, you can tie in the central air conditioning unit or install an AC window unit to make it comfortable.
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