Dunnellon Vinyl Fence Removal and Disposal

vinyl fence removalA vinyl fence is built to last and it’s installed in a manner that locks the panels together tightly to withstand the weather elements, as well as inclement weather. However, like all materials, over time, the fencing will become worn and some will sag if damaged. When this occurs, it might be necessary to replace a few panels, which isn’t difficult, but is time consuming, or, take down the whole fence.

Vinyl Fence Disposal

A total dismantling of a vinyl fence can be done over a weekend or two and will require a few tools. The biggest help will be in manpower. The more people you have to help you tackle a vinyl fence take down, the faster it will go. Be sure to schedule a junk hauling and removal service to come out to pickup and haul off the fence. If you find the project is too cumbersome, a junk hauling service will also be able to tackle this odd job.
Whether you’re replacing or removing your vinyl fence or you just need it out of your way temporarily, you will need to know how to take it apart. Many vinyl fences use a system of notches and routes (a simple insert system) for assembly, and others have screws and brackets you will need to deal with. Disassembling is a simple process that you can do yourself. —Hunker.com
When you’re ready to dismantle your vinyl fence, you’ll need a few tools, which include: a chisel, hammer, driver-driver, shovel, as well as leather gloves and eye protection. It’s best to start at one end and work your way to the other, but, depending on how many helpers you have, you can work from both ends and meet in the middle.

Dunnellon Vinyl Fence Removal

Start by clearing the immediate area. If the fence is damaged and sagging, it might collapse as you begin to disassemble it. Then, follow these steps to take down your vinyl fence:
  1. Remove the cap from the end post. Using a hammer and chisel, tap the edge of the chisel up under the cap on the end post and hammer it upward until the cap is loose. Once loosened, pull the cap off.
  2. Take off the top railing. After you’ve removed the cap from the end post, you can then use the drill-driver to remove the retaining screw that fastens the rail to the end post. Unfasten the retaining screw, then, slide the post toward the next panel. Work the railing up and off the panel.
  3. Remove the slats. With the top railing off, the fence will wiggle if you push on it. The slats can now be removed, one by one.
  4. Remove the bottom railing. Once the slats have been taken off, the bottom rail will have to be unfastened. Simply unfasten the retaining screw on the end post.
Go on to the next panel and repeat this process until the fence panels have all been taken down. Then, dig around and dig up the fence posts. This is the most labor intensive part of taking down a vinyl fence. Backfill the holes as you go, put down grass seed, if needed, and water each area to regrow the grass. When you need help with fence disposal, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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