Gutting a House

biggest benefits of gutting a houseGutting a house is a big time job, even if the residence is empty. More often than not, it requires doing the right things with old appliances, which can be very difficult to rid yourself of; particularly those which are beyond repair. The truth is, when you completely gut a home, you’re setting yourself for a lot of hard work, but, the benefits are immense and undeniable. Many contractors will agree, it’s the best way to go with a project because it doesn’t require having to work around this or that. This is just one of many of the biggest benefits of gutting a house.

Biggest Benefits of Gutting a House

Another ancillary but wonderful advantage is it starts you with a total clean slate. No longer are you concerned about the configuration and primary purposes of various rooms, because it gives you complete freedom to do what you want. You might discover beautiful terrazzo floors underneath carpet or be pleasantly surprised to find other charming features long forget or covered-up in one way or another.
Jump into a renovation project without first setting a budget and you may spend loads of cash on all sorts of lovely options—from a marble island-top for your kitchen to a two-person hot tub for your new patio—that you won’t get paid back for if you sell your house in a few years. While that may not be a concern if you’re staying put for the long haul, if you’re likely to move in 10 years or less, it pays to limit your spending to what you might reasonably hope to get back at resale. —
The point being, it’s more difficult than most people would suppose to retrofit remodeling home improvements because it typically requires having to fit a square peg into a round hole. That translates directly into more time, more labor, more cost, and, it isn’t unusual for it to cause a choice between one thing and another. Here are some more of the biggest benefits of gutting a house:
  • Easily spot damage that would be hidden. When you gut a home, you are exposing everything within and that’s a huge advantage because it allows you to easily identify damage that would otherwise be hidden. You could discover water damage, pest damage, or something else.
  • Ability to relocate systems and components. Remodeling from one room to another doesn’t give you the opportunity to see the forest for the trees, so to speak. However, gutting a home makes it easy to relocate walls, doors, windows, without having a visual impediments.
  • An opportunity to make key upgrades to the home. Gutting a home not only allows you to uncover any damage, it will also reveal the true condition of the systems, such as the plumbing and electrical wiring. You can also improve its insulation and do other energy-efficient upgrades for creature comfort and as a long-term money-saving measure.
  • The finished product will look fresh and function uniformly. Last but certainly not least is the finished aesthetics and function. Nothing will look out-of-place or out-of date, because it will all be uniform. You won’t feel like you’re time traveling when walking from one room to another.
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