Helpful Maitland Vacant Land Property Cleanup Tips

vacant land property cleanupIf you have a tract of vacant land, and, it’s been sitting unused for awhile, you’re likely to find that it’s in need of a good property cleanup. Illegal dumping is rampant in so many areas because municipalities and businesses have rules and restrictions about what can and can’t be dumped. That’s why you see signs near the dumpsters in retail buildings warning of fines for unauthorized dumping.

About Vacant Land Property Cleanup

People have a lot to rid themselves of: old televisions, remodeling debris, yard waste, primer and paint, furniture and appliances, lawn equipment, and, the list goes on and on. If you’ve discovered an unpleasant surprise on your vacant land, you certainly aren’t alone. The reason for all that junk being piled far and wide is that people are trying to avoid the costs associated with properly disposing of it.
Most illegal dumps consist of small, truckload-sized piles, usually construction materials or landscaping debris. Toxic or otherwise dangerous debris is rarely found… —Sun Sentinel
Here’s an example–you have one of those old “big screen television” units. It still works just fine, but you’ve upgraded to a new high definition flat screen. Now, you think you’ll just sell it, but you’ll find no takers. Then, you think you’ll just donate it to charity, but soon learn that because of its components, it can’t be accepted.

Helpful Maitland Vacant Land Property Cleanup Tips

So, you put the thing out on the curb believing that it will be hauled away on trash day. Collection day comes and goes, and the TV remains right where you placed it. So now, you’re stuck with it, or, you can just drop it off on that empty parcel of land. For you, the parcel owner, it’s a problem because people have dumped all kinds of things. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go through the hassle of renting a truck, picking it all up, and taking it to the landfill. Just call a junk hauling and removal service for a quick and inexpensive property cleanup. This way, you can avoid things like code violations and more. For instance, if there’s a personal injury accident or another incident, you might be held liable. That’s an expensive and unpleasant scenario.
  • Be sure to document the scene well. Take a lot of picture and notes to document the condition. Take photos from different angles and take detailed notes so you know what’s on the property.
  • Prevent further trespassing. Even though it’s not foolproof, you should put up signs and erect a fence, if possible. Anything to deter people from coming onto the property is helpful.
  • Periodically check the land. While it’s inconvenient, it’s necessary to drive by and take notice of any new problems.
When you need vacant land property cleanup, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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