How to Take Out a Bathtub

Taking a bathtub out isn’t a difficult task, but it does take time and will require you to do some demolition around the fixture. Bathtubs are usually not only connected to the home’s plumbing, but also tucked into the walls surrounding it. This hides the lips around the top and makes it look seamlessly integrated into the tile.

You have to take precautions when removing a tub so you don’t accidentally clog the drain. In addition, you should make sure small children and pets are kept away from the work space because there will be sharp objects and a lot of debris.

How to Take Out a Bathtub

Removing a bathtub is pretty straightforward, but will require a good deal of labor to free it from where it’s installed. You’ll need a dust mask, eye protection, gloves, plastic or a large paint drop cloth, a drill driver or screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, a claw hammer, a pry bar, an old cloth, and a utility knife.

In most cases, removing an old bathtub is a project homeowners who are handy with a few common tools can do themselves. Removing an old tub is a labor intensive project and often involves some demolition of the area around the tub. Tubs can be heavy, so you may want to have someone help you when it comes time to take the old unit out of the bathroom. —Home

Put all your tools in a spot that’s easy to access and then cover the floor of the bathroom with plastic or a large paint drop cloth. Once the floor is covered, do the following:

  1. Turn of the water supply. Depending on the configuration, you’ll have to shut off the water supply at the dedicated shut off valve, or the home water shut off valve.
  2. Drain the line. Turn the tub on and allow any water to flow out until it stops dripping.
  3. Unfasten the overflow drain. The overflow drain is the one located below the spout, connected to the inside wall, over the main drain. Unfasten the plate screw, then, unfasten the screws behind it to free it from the wall plumbing.
  4. Unfasten the main drain. Sink a pair of needle-nose pliers into the main drain and turn counterclockwise to unfasten the main drain from the plumbing. Then, stuff an old cloth into the plumbing line to prevent debris from falling-in and clogging it up.
  5. Remove the tub. Break apart at least the first row of tiles to expose the lip running along the top of the tub. You might have to pry nails away from the lip, depending on how it was installed.
  6. Cut the caulking. Cut the caulking around the tub to make it easier to pull out. Pry it out of position and then carefully pull it out of the space.

Disposing of a Bathtub

Because of the size, most local garbage collection services will not pickup and haul away a bathtub. So, you’ll have to dispose of it on your own. The simplest and least expensive way to do this is to phone a junk hauling service who will pick it up and haul it off. This will be less work and less costly than renting a truck or trailer, having to load it yourself, and then paying a disposal fee.

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