Junk Removal Service vs Dumpster Rental in Sebring and Beyond

Junk removal service vs dumpster rental. It’s a fairly common conundrum for property owners. You’re probably wondering what the real differences are and which is the better way to go. Sure, it doesn’t seem like such a hard question. But, it’s definitely worth exploring. So, let’s take a look at junk removal service vs dumpster rental.

Top Junk Hauling Benefits

There are many junk hauling benefits, first and foremost, of course, is not having to do it yourself. (Or have to wrangle favors from others to help you out.) Then, there’s the matter of equipment. Even if you have a pickup truck, it’s probably not sufficient for the most efficiency.

While certainly not the sexiest topic in home renovation, the issue of how to dispose of remodeling waste is becoming more important as it becomes harder to find places to take the stuff. Landfills and transfer stations are concerned about issues like hazardous waste, as well as separating metal, masonry, and other dissimilar materials. --The Spruce.com

Additionally, think ahead to the actual disposal. Do you really know what to do with all that stuff? Where does it go? If you can’t answer that right away, it’s a lot more complicated than you probably think. With all the recycling and disposal rules, it’s not something for the unfamiliar.

Junk Removal Service vs Dumpster Rental in Sebring and Beyond

But, if you are the do-it-yourself type, you might think it’s better to rent a big waste container. However, there are some things you need to know before you do this. While it seems like a good option, there are some big downsides to a roll off dumpster rental:

  • Prohibited items. Just like your local trash pickup service, a roll off dumpster company won’t allow you to throw away certain items. That means you’ll have to carefully go through everything and separate out what’s prohibited, such as hazardous materials, electronics, and similar items. A junk hauling and removal service will take just about anything, especially one that offers hoarding clean ups, property clean outs, office clean outs, and other similar services.
  • Labor. Another thing about going the dumpster route is that there’s really not much convenience to it. Sure, somebody else drops it off and takes it away. But, it’s you who must do all the physical work to fill it.
  • Size. This is something that really gets a lot of people — right in the wallet. You need to rent the right size container. If you rent one that’s too small, you’ll need to have it picked up, emptied, and brought back, costing you more money. But, if you rent one that’s too large, you’re paying for unused space.
  • Materials. Perhaps the biggest downside to renting a dumpster is there are prohibited materials. You can’t just throw away anything and unfortunately, if you do, it is you who must fish it out. Many materials are prohibited items, meaning you’ll have to dispose of these on your own.

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