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Junk Removal versus Dumpster Rental

Knowing the differences between junk removal versus dumpster rental is important for any home improvement project, business build out or residential or commercial cleanout. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, getting rid of old appliances or improving a business space, the job is going to create a lot of material debris. This is when you'll have to consider the differences between junk removal versus dumpster rental so you make the right decision.

Fort Myers Junk Removal versus Dumpster Rental

Regardless of what you need to accomplish, be it foreclosure cleanout for an investment property you recently bought and need to rehabilitate, are gutting a kitchen or bathroom, or redoing a business space, you'll have a whole bunch of waste on-site. Aside from the big mess, this creates a safety hazard and even health concerns, if there are hazardous materials involved. So, it comes down to one of two choices: a junk removal service or a dumpster rental in Fort Myers, Fl.

Few homeowners are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to haul the waste off to the proper facilities on their own. It requires a large, weight-bearing vehicle that — that they need to fill and empty several times — the fuel for multiple trips to the correct disposal facilities, and in some cases the permits to drop off waste at those facilities. --Angie's

You know there will be a lot of material waste and to deal with it, you need something more than the trunk of your car, your pickup truck, or meager trash bin. Because there will be so much debris, you need the right solution. Obviously, you want to spend as little money as possible but the advertised price isn't always the final price. Here are the biggest differences between junk removal versus dumpster rental:

  • Avoiding heavy lifting. If you rent a dumpster, you probably think you are saving money because of the low price. However, it is up to you to do all the heavy lifting and do the hard work. A junk removal service does the work for you, including all the heavy lifting.
  • No sorting through debris. One subtle fact about dumpster rental is being responsible for what is thrown into the container. There are prohibited materials not allowed and you must know what is and what isn't acceptable. A junk removal service will simply pick it all up and haul it away.
  • Getting an upfront price. The upfront junk removal price you are given is what you pay. With a dumpster rental, you typically pay per pound; so, every bit of weight added raises the final price. Moreover, if you order the wrong size, it will cost you more when it is full and needs to be emptied and returned or is too large and money is wasted for unused space.
  • Avoiding inconveniences. Any sort of property improvement project will cause certain, unavoidable inconveniences, it's just a fact of life. A junk removal service is beneficial because the crew comes in, does the job, and leaves. You won't have a giant dumpster blocking your driveway or street.
  • Not facing code violations. Another problem with dumpster rental relates to location, size, and time. If the container is left in an unauthorized location, is too large, or is left in the same spot too long, you could be fined for a code violation.

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