Keys to Effective Home Staging

effective home stagingThe keys to effective home staging are all about presentation. Making a positive impression is the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, in most instances, it’s the homeowner who is selling the property which means there’s an emotional bond. So, it makes it difficult to step back and look at it completely objectively. That’s why home stagers are such a great resource, because they do not have a sentimental attachment to the house.

Keys to Effective Home Staging in Fort Lauderdale

Perhaps you’re readying a condo for sale or a single family property. No matter the property type and floor plan, the best results will make it look like a model home in the end. In fact, this is why model homes are so attractive to people. They look comfortable but not lived in and not like somebody’s actual home. Staging is valuable and the numbers prove it time and again. Homes which are staged spend less time on the market, about one-third of the time as non-staged properties.
If you want potential buyers to choose your property over that of the competition, home staging — the act of making a home look visually appealing to buyers — can make your house stand out from the crowd. That stronger perceived value often translates into a higher selling price. In a survey, real estate Web site HomeGain found that home staging resulted, on average, in a $1,780 price increase or a 586 percent return on investment. —
Homes which are staged also sell for more. Depending on the market, up to 17 percent more, compared to homes that are not staged. The good news is, you don’t necessarily need a professional home stager. But you do need to stick to the basics to make it work for you. Here are the keys to effective home staging you can use to sell your property:
  • Purge all the junk. The very first thing to do is to remove all the junk. You’ve got to do more than just declutter here and there, all the junk must go. A good rule of thumb is to clear all closets down to about 30 percent full, leaving 60 percent empty. Cabinets should also be neatly organized with about the same amount of space.
  • Get super organized. It’s not just what’s in the various storage areas in the house, but also, every room. Because it’s your home, there are items which you leave in rooms for convenience or function. Now is the time to get really organized and super neat to make a good impression.
  • Depersonalize the space. The one thing that’s often a turnoff to buyers is personal items. It’s not just pictures and personalized decor, but also, toiletries and other personal items. All of these need to either go or be placed out of sight.
  • Rearrange all the furniture. If you’re like most people, the furniture in your home is arranged to provide the best television viewing. That means you’ve likely sacrificed easy traffic flow, which won’t go unnoticed. Rearrange the furniture to maximize traffic flow.
  • Don’t forget about the curb appeal. It only takes people 7 to 10 seconds to form an impression of a property. Because the exterior is their first experience, it should look great. Don’t go overboard, otherwise, people will see it as a maintenance headache.
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