Largo Plasma TV Disposal Options You can Use

Old plasma TV disposal is a real pain to pull-off. Once the promise of the future, plasma technology first depreciated beginning in 2013 into 2014. It's now one for the history books. Regardless of its benefits and experience, you can rarely find one -- except those sold on clearance or used. But, as you can imagine, there's not much demand for these once-great devices. So, when you're ready for an old plasma TV disposal, you'll quickly learn it's a lot more difficult than you'd first think.

What makes Plasma Television Disposal so Hard

Okay, so why is getting rid of a plasma television (or any TV for that matter), so very hard to do? Well, it's because of the technology inside. Two words: hazardous materials. They are present in groves within these entertainment devices. Even if they didn't contain hazardous materials, there's still the matter of performance. Sure, plasma delivered strong.

Low commodities prices around the world are making life difficult for electronics recyclers, especially those struggling to get rid of toxic materials from obsolete television sets. The result: Old TVs being dumped in the trash or on the side of the road and e-recycling companies improperly disposing of them, including a company caught last year burying old TVs and other electronics devices in a 10-foot-deep hole in a field. And that is bad news for the environment. --NBC

But, compared to today's 4KHD, there's no comparison. Of course, price also has a lot to do with its demise. Costing thousands of dollars, OLED entry-level televisions are a fraction of the price. Summed up, when you have an old plasma television, you have somewhat of a nearly worthless antique.

Largo Plasma TV Disposal

Now, that doesn't mean you're stuck with it forever. And, it doesn't give you a pass for illegal dumping. But, it does mean you'll have to put forth a little more effort to get rid of it for good. Here are some helpful old plasma TV disposal options you can try:

  • Try to sell it. Believe it or not, there are still individuals who yearn for the technology. In fact, you can find online forums where people discuss and sell and trade plasmas. Give it a go, place an online ad and see what response you get out of it.
  • Give it away. You might just have a taker among your family, friends, and coworkers, alike. Float the idea out there about giving it away and see what type of reaction you receive back.
  • Donate it locally. Shelters, schools, and other venues might welcome such a gift. If it's in good condition, there just might be a taker around the corner or in the community.
  • Go with a junk hauling service. Of course, you can't just throw it out on the curb because the local trash collection agency won't pick it up. So, you can call a junk hauler and they'll take it off your hands for good.

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