Marianna Garage Apartment Conversion How-To

garage apartment conversionGarage apartment conversion — what a great idea. Or is it? If you are considering undertaking a garage apartment conversion, there are some things you should know. We’re talking here about more than just cost (although that alone is probably the biggest factor). You’ll also have to seriously think about what it entails and all the logistics and consequences from altering the primary function of the space.

Things to Consider about Creating a Garage Apartment

Okay, so let’s start with the idea of a garage apartment conversion and what it means for the house itself. Firstly, be advised (read: warned) that when you convert any room in a house for another purpose other than its original function, you greatly risk devaluing the whole house. Think about it this way, if you do go through with a garage apartment conversion, you’re losing that parking and storage space.
Remodeling a garage into an apartment can be very time-consuming, but the potential benefits are well worth it. According to Case Handyman and Remodeling Services, a nationwide home improvement firm, most garage remodeling projects can add 200 to 400 square feet of space to your house. This additional space will not only increase your property’s resale value, but can also be a source of extra income if you rent out the apartment. —San Francisco
Now, why you might well be able to make that compromise work, it does impact the resale potential and market value of the house. Sure, you’re gaining more living space. But, you’re also sacrificing one of the biggest amenities. Outside of that, you’re adding more livable square footage, which means higher property taxes. And, it likewise means higher utility bills.

Marianna Garage Apartment Conversion How-To

So, if you’re still on-board for a garage apartment conversion, you’ll have to do a lot of work to make it happen. First, you’ll need to learn if this conversion requires building permits. (Chances are excellent that is indeed the case.) Then, you’ll also have to factor in all the expenses for the transformation. If it’s still a go, here’s an overview of how to do a garage-apartment conversion:
  • Remove the garage door. You’ll either have to remove or cover-up the garage door. It’s best to outright remove it and then fill in the space to accommodate another front entry door. Additionally, you’ll need to install new windows to provide natural life.
  • Level and finish the floor. Next, you’ll need to level and finish the floor because it’s sloped and isn’t suitable for a living space. You can just leave the concrete uncovered, if desired. Or, you can tile, carpet, or install an engineered flooring.
  • Expand the plumbing and electrical wiring. To make it into a true living space, you’ll have to expand both the electrical and plumbing to create a functional area.
  • Insulate and drywall to finish the build-out. Last, you’ll need to insulate the space and drywall it to really transform it. Thereafter, you can furnish it to complete the transformation.
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