Myakka City Kids’ Backyard Playset Disposal Options

kids backyard playset disposal optionsKids’ backyard playset disposal options might be a bit limited as to choice but there are things you can do with it. When it comes time to offload this big playset, you’ll have a few choices, which unfortunately don’t include the local trash collection. Items this large are generally prohibited so, you’ll need an alternative.

Kids’ Backyard Playset Dismantling Safety Tips

If you have a kids’ backyard playset that’s showing signs of wear or your children have outgrown it, you’ll probably want to recapture that space. Trouble is, this isn’t a big-time item that’s in high demand. But, when it’s got to go, it’s got to go. So, do yourself a favor and take it down when you have at least a whole weekend. Also, keep kids and pets away while dismantling it.
For many families, a backyard playset or swing set means hours of family entertainment. When moving, these families are often reluctant to leave their kids’ favorite outdoor play equipment behind. Moving a backyard playset is not nearly as challenging as people think it is. A few basic tools, a wide open Saturday, a truck and some helping hands are the only prerequisites. —
And, perhaps most important of all, have a plan for what you’ll do with the materials. No, you can’t put it out on the curb. But, there are other things you can do with it. Also, make sure you have at least one set of helping hands. This will take two people at the minimum.

Myakka City Kids’ Backyard Playset Disposal Options

Now, if you’re planning to have more children or another is already on the way, you can give it a little makeover. All that’s needed is replacing a few features and then giving it a fresh coat of stain or paint. Viola! It’s a brand-new playset. But, if this isn’t the case, here are some kids’ backyard playset disposal options to consider:
  • Sell it yourself locally. Rather than take time out of your busy schedule disassembling this huge thing, sell it and let someone else do the work. You can publish an online ad and stipulate the buyer is responsible for relocating it.
  • Give it away with the house. If you’re going to sell your house, there’s no reason you can’t throw it in as part of the deal (that is, if it’s in good, usable condition). Just put that in the contract and be done with it.
  • Donate it to a church or school. You can also contact local churches and schools to see if one has a need for the playset. If you find a taker, you not only get rid of the set, you also gain a tax write-off.
  • Call a junk hauling and removal service. Should none of these be a real option, you can always bring in a local junk removal service to take care of it for you.
If you need help with kids’ backyard playset disposal, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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