Palm Beach County Old Drop Ceiling Removal and Disposal

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Old drop ceiling removal. What a big and difficult job. While it doesn’t necessarily require advanced contractor skills, there are some aspects which can go beyond DIYers. For the best results with old drop ceiling removal, it’s best to have an actionable plan in-place, including how to dispose of the old materials and other junk lying around. Read on to learn more about old drop ceiling removal and disposal.

Old Drop Ceiling Disposal Options

Your first order of business for this remodeling project (as well as any other remodeling or restoration job), is to plan for the debris and material disposal. This stuff will indeed pile up quickly and it’s not something you can simply put out on the curb. The local trash collection agency considers this different from regular household trash. So, you’ll have to make other arrangements for its proper disposal.

Many basements and commercial [and residential] buildings in America have drop ceilings installed. They are quick to install and allow easy access to plumbing, electrical and mechanical items that are installed above the ceiling. However, from time to time, it is necessary to remove a drop ceiling, either to replace it with a new one or install drywall.

If you’d like to save yourself the time and effort of hauling it away on your own, then just have a local junk removal company come on by and pick it up. Take advantage of the opportunity to unload a bunch of other junk at the same time. This way, you’ll be rid of that stuff and free up much-needed space, to boot.

Palm Beach County Old Drop Ceiling Removal

To take down a suspended ceiling, you’ll need to do it in a few different phases. Here’s a simple drop ceiling removal guide to follow:

  • Clear and cover the floor. Just because it’s not directly attached to the ceiling underneath doesn’t mean it won’t be messy or possibly cause damage to the floor. So, clear the room and cover up the floor.
  • Turn off the power. Before you proceed, go the main electrical panel and turn off the circuit breaker supplying power to the lighting. Then, you can see how the lights and wires are connected.
  • Remove all the ceiling panels. Next, you’ll need to turn off the electricity at the main electrical panel. Then, you can take the panels down, one by one. It’s a good idea to put these in a wheelbarrow or wrap up several together to easily carry them out of the space.
  • Uninstall the lights and wiring. After all the ceiling panels have been removed, you can uninstall the lights and electrical wiring. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with this, have a licensed electrician do it for you. Thereafter, it’s possible to remove the main support grid.

For help with remodeling debris removal, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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