Replace and Junk Jalousie Windows

Replace and Junk Jalousie Windows

Jalousie or louver windows became very popular in the mid twentieth century, particularly in the southeast. The reason for them being so ubiquitous is found in their design, an easy-to-open, slatted construction which improves ventilation with the crank of a handle. However, that feature is their biggest fault, because of the very opening and closing action, it's nearly impossible for the panes to form a tight seal.

For those who live in the Sunshine State, be it Pinellas County or along the east coast in or by Fort Lauderdale, these windows are quite common, particular in what is known as a Florida Room--the often enclosed but un-insulated and without air conditioning or heat. Also found in the other rooms of the house, these can be a serious drain on the wallet, racking up higher electric bills.

How to Remove Jalousie Windows

If you want to remove your jalousie windows, you should do so when you're ready to replace them with energy efficient windows, like double pane Low E. To do the job, you'll need eye protection, leather gloves, screwdrivers, truck and/or trailer, pry bar, dead blow hammer, twine or rope, and tarps.

Because jalousie windows fell out of favor as newer, more efficient window systems were produced, manufacturers ceased production of the window system. Jalousie window frames incorporate metal housings that use a setscrew and wedge or metal tab to hold the panes in place. --San Francisco Chronicle

Once you have the tools and supplies in place, you'll be ready to remove the jalousie windows, one-by-one. Here's how to uninstall jalousie or louver windows:

  1. Remove the screen and partially open the window.
  2. From the exterior, unfasten the setscrews located at the ends of the panes.
  3. Carefully slide the pane out of the framing and place on a tarp.
  4. Repeat this step for all other panes and stack the panes carefully on top of one another, binding them together with twine or rope.
  5. From the interior, put a tarp on the floor and then unfasten the opening and closing operator.
  6. Unfasten any screws sunk into the wall in the frame.
  7. Place a pry bar between the frame and the wall, then tap with a dead blow hammer to loosen.
  8. Push the frame outward, then install the new window.
  9. Carefully roll-up the tarp containing the bound glass panes and place it in a truck or trailer with another set of helping hands.

How to Junk Jalousie Windows

After removing the jalousie windows, you'll have to dispose of the glass panes and metal frames. If you want a little extra cash, take the scrap metal to a yard and sell it. You'll only be able to sell certain metals, like extruded aluminum. The way to tell it from other metal is with a magnet. If a magnet doesn't stick, it can be sold as scrap. The glass window panes can be taken to a building material recycler. At AAA Rousse Junk Removal we remove junk and we also have a great disposal service in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call us today at (954) 248-1138.

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