Simple Steps to Organize Attic Space

To organize attic space, you've first got to know what's in-store. Most people don't go into their attics here in Florida because these spaces are typically cramped, with little clearance. However, if you really need extra storage space, this is a great solution. It's perfect for seasonal item storage, such as Christmas lights and decoration, Halloween decorations, and the like. Perhaps you have occasion to go into your attic to assess a water damaged ceiling or you've just run out of room elsewhere in the house. Whatever the reason, you need to organize attic space for more storage.

Simple Steps to Organize Attic Space

Organizing attic space isn't too different from organizing a garage or shed. It's biggest challenge for most homes is access. Throughout the Sunshine State, attics are generally low clearance but some are more roomy. However, the vast majority are not easily accessible, with tight entryways. That presents a big problem because to organize attic space, you've got to be able to pass items in and out without a lot of hassle.

Unfortunately, the attic is where we all tend to stuff our excess everything. We throw up our holiday decorations, old or out of season clothes and toys, memorabilia from our favorite bands and sports teams and everything else we’re just too lazy to get rid of. So, if you really don’t want to part with your old team uniforms, barbie dolls, baby books and knotted-up Christmas lights or you just truly need the extra space, then you’ve got to learn how to utilize the space and organize your attic in the right way.

For this reason, it's best to organize attic space with at least one set of helping hands. A word of caution, some attic entryways are next to the central air conditioner drip pan or condensation pan. Be sure to be aware of this so you don't create extra work and have to deal with water damaged carpet. When you're ready to start, follow these helpful suggestions to successfully organize attic space in your home:

  • Sort the clutter. To organize attic space, you'll have to sort all the clutter. Assess what's in the attic, prioritizing what you'll keep and what you no longer need and/or want. Be pragmatic so you aren't storing things you won't use in the future. The point is to declutter as much as possible so you have more room for storage.
  • Donate and sell. When you know what you will keep, you'll also know what items you can donate and sell. If you aren't interested or motivated to sell by hosting a garage sale, yard sale, or selling things online, it's best to donate as much as you can and throw out the rest.
  • Use stackable containers. If shelving is a feasible storage solution, you can install shelves to help keep things organized. However, if the space is already awkward, just purchase stackable storage containers. These are easy to use and keep all your stuff organized while providing protection.
  • Label all the containers plainly. Now, it's time to really sort things out so all like and similar items are together. Then, fill the large storage containers, labeling each one. It's a good idea to make a list of what's inside on a sheet of paper and place that inside the container at the top so it's easy to read when you remove the lid.
  • Arrange containers according to use. Labels will do wonders to keep things readily identifiable but you also need to arrange containers according to use. For instance, if there are items you'll retrieve more often than others, place these containers and/or items near the attic entry.

When you need an attic cleanout, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services. Our crew is experienced in attic clean outs and will deliver great results for you. We'll come out to organize attic space by hauling away junk garbage so you don't have to deal with it.

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