St. Pete Beach Summer Storm Preparation Tips

summer storm preparationSummer storm preparation is a yearly necessity. Starting in June and on through November, hurricane season is here. But, the summer storms can easily pack a big punch that starts to cause damage which only worsens over time. So, it’s best to go the proactive route and prepare ahead of time to prevent bigger issues from unfolding later on in the future. Although it’s a real pain to do, it’s totally worthwhile since it greatly lessens the stress and anxiety you feel day in and day out.

About Storm Debris Cleanup

When a storm does hit, you’ll need to act quickly to get it cleaned up. If you let storm debris hang around, you’ve effectively created a home for pests, including bugs, rodents, and reptiles. Also, leaving storm debris lingering around damages your yard. And, when it rots, it becomes even more problematic.
We may not be in the midst of a thunderstorm-tornado-hurricane apocalypse, but you don’t want to be the homeowner unlucky enough to have a maple tree crash into your dining room…after a major storm. So if you think your house could be better prepared to withstand the onslaught of a summer storm, here are some things to consider – before and after the rain. —U.S. News and World Report
So, don’t let it stay for very long. It’s best to jump on it as soon as possible. If you can’t handle it on your own, bring in a junk removal company to pick it up and haul it away right away so it doesn’t cause problems.

St. Pete Beach Summer Storm Preparation Tips

Of course, when it comes to summer storm preparation, your biggest priority is your home. You’ll need to do a few things outside to get it ready to face the inclement weather when it strikes. Here are the top summer storm preparation tips you can use:
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts. No, it’s not fun and it takes a lot of work to do this, but you really need to clean out the gutters, along with the downspouts. This will keep the rainwater flowing away, which helps to prevent water damage to the exterior, which can easily creep into the interior.
  • Inspect the roof for any type of damage. If you’re not experienced with this, call a licensed pro to help you out. But, however you do it, you also need to check the roof and assess it’s condition to ensure there’s nothing wrong.
  • Trim the trees and cleanup any landscaping. Summer storms can also wreak havoc with trees. And, it can carry away some landscaping elements, as well. So, trim the trees and clean up the landscaping.
When you need storm clean up, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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