How to Stop a Self Storage Lien in LaBelle

stop self storage lienStopping a self storage lien is no easy task. And, in most cases, it’s not really possible. However, this doesn’t mean all is lost. There are ways to deal with a storage unit lien. But, it does require some unpleasant realities. Whether it’s about to occur or has already happened, there are a few option though not many are particularly good.

About Storage Unit Cleanouts and the Storage Lien Process

The storage lien process is fairly straightforward. Basically, when a tenant gets behind, the facility will send a default notice. Meanwhile, the unit is generally locked down to prohibit access. If the tenant pays what’s owed, the situation is rectified. But, if the arrears goes unpaid, the storage facility will generally post a public notice. That’s followed by scheduling an auction to sell off the contents.
Some self-storage contracts spell out terms in plain language while others might leave you utterly confused. It’s smart to brush up on lease agreements before you sign on the dotted line. “If a manager is doing his or her job, there shouldn’t be any surprises,” said Kelly Epps, property manager at Pioneer Stor & Lok in Columbus, GA, who said she sits down with customers to make sure they understand their lease agreements. Still, it’s ultimately your responsibility to understand any paperwork you sign. Here’s a guide to what you should know about self-storage contracts and legalese. —Sparefoot
At this point, a storage cleanout isn’t viable. So, you must act before that happens. If you can’t make up what’s owed, it’s best to just clear the unit out in order to prevent your stuff being confiscated and sold off.

How to Stop a Self Storage Lien in LaBelle

If there’s already a lien coming, you do have a few options. Now, these are not guaranteed to work in every circumstance. But, it’s worth a shot if the situation is getting worse. Here are a few suggestions for how to stop a self storage lien:
  • Pay the contract off. The single best option is to pay the entire amount owed and do so as quickly as possible. There might well be penalty fees and other charges but this is probably the most helpful way to go.
  • Arrange a payment schedule. You can also approach the storage company and ask about getting on a payment plan. Some will allow it, while others won’t accept it and will instead demand payment in-full.
  • Fight the lien in small claims court. There is also the possibility of fighting the lien in small claims court. Keep in mind, this is very time consuming and it’s not at all guaranteed to fix the situation.
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