Stuart Pool Cover Replacement Guide

pool cover replacementPool cover replacement. Is there anything less fun? You’ve had a pool cover for years to keep out floating and sometimes, unhealthy debris. All kinds of things get into a swimming pool, including rain water, which throws-off the pH balance, runoff, twigs, leaves, pollen, and even chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers. Now, that old cover is looking quite worn and needs to be replaced. This is no small task and you’ll need to do something other than drag it out to the curb because your local trash collection agency won’t haul it away.

About Pool Cover Safety

It’s very important that your pool cover be in good condition because most of these are not just to repel debris, but also, serve a safety purpose. These fixtures are helpful in preventing accidents of all kinds, from minor to major.
Any small rip or tear in a pool cover under 6″ in length is a pretty easy repair. But, if you’ve got a rip along one whole side of the cover, or if the tear is long and curved, then repairing the pool cover may be impossible, or with little chance of success. —Pool
Each year across the country, approximately 300 children under age five drown and another 2,600 require emergency room treatment from various submerging-related injuries. This means if your pool cover isn’t secure, a child could easily fall in, be wrapped-up and drown.

Stuart Pool Cover Replacement Guide

Before you rip out your existing pool cover, you need to determine if it can simply be patched, or, if it must be replaced. In some instances, depending on the manufacturer and the warranty, you might be able to have it repaired for little to no cost. However, just a small spot of damage can usually be repaired with a patch by doing the following:
  • Clean the damaged area thoroughly.
  • Cut the patches into circles or oval shapes.
  • Patch one side, then the other to ensure durability.
  • Carefully place a heavy object on the patched area and leave for between 6 to 12 hours before refolding the cover.
  • When refolding, avoid creasing, or crimping of the patch because this can weaken it.
Should it need replacement, call just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services to dispose of it. First, inspect the entire cover for wear and tear. Ultraviolet light, pool chemicals, and the weather all exact a collective toll on pool covers, and, if you see tearing or fraying, that’s a sign it needs to be replaced. In addition, feel the material, if any portion of it is brittle or stiff, that’s the opposite of good condition which is malleable and supple. Examine the sewn webbing, should it be unraveling or fraying, this is a sure sign of replacement. Once you’ve determined the cover requires replacement, do not uninstall it. Instead, close the pool off behind the safety fence and order a new cover. It will probably take a few days for it to arrive and be installed, during which time, you ought to keep all children away from the water. Do the same for any old patio furniture.

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