Top Storm Cleanup Tips You can Use in Mexico Beach

With so much flooding hitting the local area, it's easy to see there will be a big need for storm cleanup once the weather clears. Depending on the extent of the damage, you might need to cleanup tree branches. Or, have to replace part of a roof and/or interior walls. No matter the extent of the debris and damage, there are things you should and should not do. If there's water coming into your home, that of course, needs to be stopped until you can make more extensive repairs.

Storm Cleanup and Insurance

Where some homeowners go wrong is having a viable insurance claim, but fail to mitigate more damage. Nearly all insurance policies require you to do what's necessary to prevent further damage from occurring after the initial damage.

For many people, when a terrible storm hits, it's the aftermath that is the worst. Debris, flood waters, power outages, broken tree limbs, shattered glass, piles of snow— these are all dangerous risks once a hurricane, tornado, or nor'easter makes its way through a town or community. --This Old House

If you don't, you will be responsible for any subsequent damage that happens after the fact.

Top Storm Cleanup Tips You can Use in Mexico Beach

This includes practically anything that is covered under your homeowner's insurance policy, be it inside or outside of your home. After you've taken steps to keep more damage from occurring, you can use the following tips for storm cleanup:

  • Take plenty of photographs. While this might go into the obvious column, it bears including because you'll need to prove the extent of the damage for your insurance claim. Take photos from all angles, and, if you have pictures of the area before the damage, these too, will be helpful.
  • Extract any water that's leaked inside. Use a shop-vac to extract any water that's inside your home. Storm water is full of contaminants, which include fertilizer, pet waste, organic waste, and pesticides. The longer it's in your home, the more damage it will do.
  • Keep air circulating throughout the house. When possible, open windows to allow air to freely circulate through your home. This will help to avoid the growth of mold, mildew, and prevent permanent damage from occurring.
  • Remove damaged drywall and flooring. If the floor covering is wet, and is carpet or hardwood, there's a good chance that it will not be salvageable. Drywall that's wet will also have to be taken down because it will likely become stained and discolored.

Should you have trees down and fallen branches in your yard, you ought to cut these up to make them easier to remove. If you need a professional service to cleanup after a storm, then you can call us at 800-433-1094 or visit us online at www.AAA We are a Florida company and serve the entire Sunshine State.

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