Vamo Interior Open House Preparation Tips

open house preparationOpen house preparation is a really big deal. In fact, it’s key to selling a home. Without it, the house will just linger on the market, week after week, with little to no interest. Think about it this way, while 90+ percent of all searches begin online, eventually, people want to see property in-person. And, when they arrive, you want to wow them and that takes quite a bit of effort. After all, you have to make your property stand out from the competition and one way to do that is to make a good impression.

Exterior Open House Preparation Tips

For an open house to pay off, you’ve got to take care of the whole property. That includes the front and back porches. It’s a good idea to power wash or pressure wash the entire exterior. And, to tidy up the front and back porches. They should look open and inviting. Plant some colorful flowers and spread mulch where it looks best. Also, be sure to clear out the garage and organize it.
Few buyers want to buy a house sight unseen. Holding an open house is a great way to get many potential buyers through the door and show off your polished, picture perfect home. But first you must make sure your home is ready to be seen. Buyers need to envision how they’ll use the available space, and that means staging your home so that it looks inviting but not too lived-in. —
Additionally, if there’s a shed, take the time to make it neat inside. Now, it doesn’t have to be completely dirt free but it should also be well-organized. Simply put, the more organized the shed and garage are, the better.

Vamo Interior Open House Preparation Tips

Now, let’s get into the inside of the house. Here, it’s key to make as much of all space available as possible. In other words, maximize the empty space in all storage spaces so buyers will see how much storage space they gain.
  • Declutter closets. Most professional real estate people and experienced home stagers don’t recommend totally clearing out the closets because there’ no sense of proportion. But, it’s best to reduce the contents down to about 30 to 50 percent. Whatever stays, organize it neatly so it looks orderly.
  • Declutter cabinets. You need to do the same with the bathroom and kitchen cabinets. The best way to go is to purge any duplicates and reduce what’s inside to about 30 to 50 percent of the space.
  • Tidy up the pantry. The same advice holds true for the kitchen pantry. It took, should be decluttered and neatly organized so it looks its best and gives people a sense of plenty of storage space.
When you’re ready to sell your home and need junk removal to prepare for an open house, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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