Yard Sale Tips to Make more Money

There are effective yard sale tips to make more money you should know well in advance of hosting such a selling event. Preparedness is at the top and a theme which run through all the best tips and tricks for collecting more cash. This is a great way to get rid of old appliances in working condition without having to wrangle over where to take them and dealing with hauling them from one place to another. If you want to make the most money on your garage sale or yard sale, you’ve got to employ certain tactics to spread the word effectively and create an atmosphere where people are willing to buy.

Yard Sale Tips to Make more Money in Fort Myers

While preparing and hosting a yard sale isn’t as involved or as mess as a complete foreclosure cleanout, it certainly comes close. You’ll dig throughout your home, garage, office, and shed to find anything and everything you can possibly sell. No doubt, you’ll encounter a lot of dust, dirt, and other unpleasant surprises. When you’ve finally compiled all your unwanted stuff, you’ll be amazed at how much storage space you’ve created and by what you’ve collected over the years.

Although planning and running a garage sale takes a lot of time, you get to pocket all the proceeds. And that can add up to some serious cash. According to Statistics Brain, a research group, garage sales generate $4.2 million in weekly revenue. As long as you sell items for less than you paid for them and don’t hold sales so often that they are considered a regular business, you won’t need to report what you make to the IRS. —Consumer Reports.org

The next step is to organize everything, then clean, clean, clean it all. Put like items together like books and CDs, small electronics, hand and power tools, and so on. Be sure to check all electronics, power tools, lawn equipment, and appliances to ensure they are in working order. If you find some which don’t work, put those into a separate area because you still might be able to get a little money from hobbyists who fix things to use or sell. Here are some more helpful yard sale tips to make more money:

  • Partner with neighbors. This is some of the best advice because it attracts a larger crowd of people throughout the day. The fact of the matter is, the more people who are present, the better. It’s also a demonstration of why many garage sales aren’t successful — when there are just a few people, others will come to the conclusion there’s nothing worthwhile offered.
  • Spread the word far and wide. It’s not effective enough to just put up a couple of signs a day or two before the sale. Post plenty of signs around a wide area surrounding your street, particularly at busy intersections at least a week in advance. Keep the signage simple with just the date and an arrow because people won’t be able to read a printed address. Announce it on social media and place free online ads, as well.
  • Create easy traffic flow paths. Another mistake people often make is to group tables closely together. While this does keep everything in-sight, it creates congested traffic flow. Spread the tables out so there’s plenty of room to walk and explore.
  • Price items to sell. If your goal is to sell things to make some extra cash, let that be your guiding principle and price items to sell. Price between 10 to 15 to 25 percent of the original purchase price. Also, price according to condition as well, using the 10 percent for items in less perfect condition and 25 percent for items in good condition.
  • Make the event lively. There’s a reason music is played in retail stores — it sets a mood. Create the same atmosphere by playing upbeat music but keep the volume at a reasonable level so people are able to converse without shouting.

Any items you don’t sell can be picked up by simply phoning 239-580-6717 or visit AAA Rousse Services. Our crew will haul it all away, as well as any other junk garbage. We serve the entire Fort Myers area and know it well; so, give us a call right now!

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