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Renters' Furniture Junk Removal

You've rented out your property and just learned that the tenant has left but left behind some furniture. Of course, you can't rent it out in its current condition because it's got to be cleaned out and that furniture certainly can't be in the home when it's shown to prospective tenants. The trouble in dealing with renter's junk is those possessions are just that -- personal possessions. Under the law, you are required to hold onto property left behind for a specific amount of time.

Renters Furniture Junk Removal

Unfortunately , furniture removal isn't a straightforward process. You can't legally just put the stuff on the corner because you believe a tenant left it behind. In fact, the Disposition of Personal Property Landlord and Tenant Act, found in the Florida Statutes, Sections 715.10-715.111, provides guidelines for what you can and cannot do with personal property that's been left behind by a renter.

Dirty tenants can be landlord’s nightmare, and oh boy, are they expensive! They can bring down the real and perceived value of your rental property. Unclean living conditions will not only damage the property, but they will attract bugs and rodents, and ultimately make it very difficult to re-rent. If you learn to spot a dirty tenant before they become your tenant, you will be able to save yourself a lot of grief.

The way to avoid this predicament in the future is to include a waiver clause in the lease, as specified in the Florida Statutes, under Section 83.67(5). While that might be helpful later on, it's certainly not for the time being, and, if you're a new landlord or even a seasoned rental property owner, you've still got to deal with furniture removal. Here are some helpful tips to keep this from becoming a problem:

  • Separate trash from the tenant's personal possessions. Under Florida law, any junk and/or trash can be thrown out. Have the furniture set aside temporarily while the home is being disinfected, cleaned, and repaired.
  • Place the furniture in storage. Have the furniture placed in storage so you can show the property to potential renters. Be sure to keep your receipt for storage unit rental as part of your due diligence documentation.
  • Send a letter to the tenant. If you know where the tenant is located, you can hand deliver a notice or mail it to the last known address. It must contain information about the furniture and when it will be disposed if not reclaimed in a timely manner.
  • Wait at least 15 days. Under the law, you'll have to wait 15 days to dispose of the tenant's furniture. Thereafter, if you can't sell it, you can have it taken to the local landfill. Be sure to read over state statutes to ensure that you're not out of compliance with the law.

If you need to dispose of furniture left by a renter that has not been reclaimed, then just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services. We have locations all over the state of Florida and will send out a crew for furniture removal when you need it.