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Whats the Penalty for Illegal Dumping

You've probably thrown a few items into a dumpster behind a retail building, or, left something near the roadside, along with others who have dumped their unwanted items there. You just don't want to incur the cost and take the time to go to the local landfill and that's understandable. However, what's usually rationalized and regarded as not hurting anyone actually comes back to you in the form of other costs. AAA Rousse Services can take care of it for you on short notice.

We've all tossed electronics, paint cans, and more into a commercial dumpster or left something in a pile that's already there, but, it's a big risk to take. Under section 403 of the Florida Statutes, you can be fined up to $100 just for throwing a fast food bag on the ground, and, that's not all.

What's the Penalty for Illegal Dumping?

There are different penalties in the Sunshine State for illegal dumping. Not only could you be fined for discarding ordinary trash, you could also find yourself named in a lawsuit, or hit with a code violation. In most municipalities on the peninsula, it's against city ordinances to let trash and discarded items pile-up on your property. If you live in a homeowners association community or neighborhood, you can also be fined and forced to cleanup a mess.

Illegal dumping has become an increasingly large problem throughout the United States. Offenders often dump late at night to avoid the cost and inconvenience of proper waste disposal. Because the dumping of garbage, household appliances, abandoned automobiles, construction and demolition debris, hazardous materials, and other waste endangers public health, states have enacted a variety of laws designed to address the problem. --Criminal Defence Lawyer

The cost of hauling and dumping trash at a landfill might not be cheap, but there are alternatives. You might have one of those old big televisions that no longer works, so, you put it out on the curb and wait for your local trash collection agency to pick it up and haul it off. Trash day comes and goes but there your old, broken TV sits, and, that's because it's considered to be electronic and/or hazardous waste. So, how can you still rid yourself of unwanted items and not illegally dump? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Recycle what you can, when you can. Most electronics and other household, retail, and commercial items can be recycled. Depending on their condition and drop off locations, you might be able to have these recycled.
  • Donate unwanted, gently-used items. Rather that try and throw things out, you can opt to donate to a local church, charitable organization, or school. For instance, furniture and other items are typically welcome donations. You can even write-off some of these.
  • Give electronics to retailers. Some chain stores accept electronic waste and recycle the parts to be used for other purposes. Just go to to find locations near to you.
  • Call a junk hauling and removal service. Okay, there are things that you really can't give away, like old mattresses and box springs, worn out carpet and padding, rusty swing sets and jungle gyms, hot tubs, spas, and more. Instead of paying the high price for landfill disposal, phone a local junk hauling and removal service and you won't have to lift a finger.