Are You Stuck with an Abandoned Boat?

Are You Stuck with an Abandoned Boat

Florida currently has 557 active abandoned boat cases. In most cases, an abandoned boat becomes abandoned not just because it's stranded but because no one wants to mess with it. Boats abandoned in Florida are nothing new, and some have been abandoned for years. It is common for people to try to locate and identify the owners. In the event the owners cannot be found, state and local law enforcement can remove and junk the boats, which can be expensive. If you cannot locate the owners, you might consider hiring a junk removal company. You can count on us to remove any abandoned boat from your property quickly, safely, and at a reasonable price.

How To Dispose of an Abandoned Boat

If The Boat is Not Yours:

You should contact your local police, file a complaint, and ask them to ticket the property owner for illegal dumping and/or trespassing. Find out if the officer can locate the owner by searching the registration number. They can then request that the boat be removed from your property. Some counties will issue a "Junk Vehicle Affidavit" if you are unable to locate the previous owner. To gain legal custody, you must follow the Lost and Found Property Laws to take the boat to the dump yourself. Find out what the landfill requires before bringing the boat there. Once you have taken legal possession of the boat, and if it is in good condition, you may then keep it or sell it.

If You Own The Boat:

You can either take the boat directly to a landfill or rent a dumpster and dismantle it yourself after draining and disposing of any hazardous materials properly. Obtain an "Affidavit Lieu of Title" from a State Agency, if you have lost the title for the vessel, to dispose of it. Contact a boat removal service to haul out and dispose of large vessels on the water that can't fit on a trailer.

Need a Boat Removal Service

Need a Boat Removal Service?

Remove your boat with a removal service you can trust. Beware of start-ups and small junk removal companies. Our licensed and insured professionals will handle your boat removal needs from start to finish. Whether the boat is on or off a trailer, in the middle of the woods, or broken in half, our company can make it disappear! Don’t take on such a big job on your own. Leave it to the professionals to get rid of the abandoned boat for you.

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