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Berber Carpet Disposal in Clearwater

Berber Carpet Disposal in Clearwater

Berber carpet disposal. It’s not exactly the most arduous or difficult job. But, it is something that will take a bit of time and effort. Fortunately, removing carpet is fairly easy and straightforward. Although, you will need a plan of what to do with the material. Discarding it will present several challenges. So, it’s very important to know precisely what to expect with Berber carpet disposal. (Plus, how to take it up right.)

Berber Carpet Disposal in Clearwater

Okay, so the first thing you need to consider before you begin the actual work. And, that is what you’ll do with that old carpet and the padding. This is where many home improvement projects go wrong. That’s because people simply do not think about what they’ll do with the waste.

Getting ready to lug your worn-out wall-to-wall to the curb? You’re not alone. Americans get rid of some five billion pounds of carpet each year—that’s nearly seven times the weight of the Empire State Building. But thanks to an industry/government group called the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), you may be able to recycle rugs you once would have thrown away. --This Old House

For instance, if you’re remodeling a kitchen or knocking down an interior wall, you’ll be more likely to focus on the finished product. You’re just not concerned with the logistics all that much. Sure, you’ll think about the necessary work. But, what about the remodeling debris removal? This is where things go awry. It isn’t until you’re well into it that you realize something must be done with the remodeling debris. So, don’t get caught off guard. Have a plan ready-to-go.

Basic Carpet Removal Steps

Now, taking up old carpet isn’t the most difficult thing you’ll ever do (unless, of course, it’s glued down, which will make it one of the most difficult jobs you’ve ever done). It’s really about freeing it from the edge tacking strips and rolling it up. Here’s how to go about old carpet removal:

  • Move any furniture out. Some people try to skip this step, thinking they can just move furniture around the room without having to actually relocate it to another area. This simply won’t work, so move all furniture out of the room.
  • Take the base trim off the walls. Take the base trim around the walls off. You’ll just need a pry bar to do so. Exercise caution if you plan to reuse the trim again.
  • Pull up the carpet and padding. Start in a corner and pull it up gently. (Don’t yank it or it might tear and begin to fray.) Work across the room from one side to the other. Then, roll up the carpet and do the same for the padding.
  • Address any subfloor messes. Lastly, you’ll need to clean and disinfect the subfloor (especially if there are stains or other problems). Use warm water and a little bleach for the best results.

If you need carpet removal and disposal done in Clearwater, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.