Best Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Larger in Fort Walton Beach

make small room look largerTo make a small room look larger, one simply needs to make best use of the space. Now, that sounds like an all-too obvious statement, but it’s true. Every small room packs big potential. It’s just up to you to tap into it and make it look bigger. With a few strategic changes and some visual sleight-of-hand, you can make a tiny room look bigger in no time at all. The trick is to maximize what’s inside in order to minimize the cramped feeling.

Why Rooms Look So Small

Let’s start with the physical challenge and the psychology. It really comes down to space and perception. In a small room, every bit of space counts. So, wherever you free up space gives a sense of more room. But, this only works to an extent. If you’ve ever been in an empty room, it’s usually easy to tell if it’s spacious or actual quite small. Which means you must use a bit of creativity.
The good news is that the key to successful small-space living might be easier than you think. It all boils down to tricking the eye into perceiving more space by employing three simple concepts: scale, light, and movement. —
Put another way, it’s what is and isn’t in the space which makes it appear small. Here again, think about a totally empty room that’s small in size. Even though there’s nothing inside, you can quickly detect it’s tiny. (The same holds true for an empty, oversized space. You can tell it’s rather large.) This is due to the fact there’s nothing to interrupt the visual flow. So, the same rule applies to any space when there’s furniture and decor as these break up a room into smaller spaces.

Best Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Larger in Fort Walton Beach

What this all means is it’s not only what’s in the room in the first place, but also where’s it’s located. That directly translates into what should be inside and where it should go. Here’s a few helpful tips for how to make a small room look larger:
  • Paint in neutral colors. Bright and/or bold colors make a room look smaller than it actually is. Stay away from these and paint with neutral colors and shades for a slight contrast, not a big one.
  • ”Float” the furniture. Instead of backing furniture up against the walls, try “floating” it around an area rug. This helps to create a more defined space and also gives the appearance of more space around it.
  • Reduce room decor. Simply put, the more decor in a room, the more cramped it will look and feel. This is because it effectively reduces surface space. So, swap all those little wall-hung pictures for two large paintings.
  • Deeply declutter. This bears repeating because it’s essential to creating more usable space. You might also consider changing out single purpose furniture for multi-purpose pieces.
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