Which is Better? Property Cleanout Service or Dumpster Rental?

old home workout equipment or you're clearing out a property completely. Whatever the reason, it's a big job and that means it is more than just a simple DIY job. But you're thinking about how to best proceed and are trying to decide which is better -- a property cleanout service or dumpster rental? While it's a fairly common question, the answer actually depends on what you need to achieve.

Which is Better? Property Cleanout Service or Dumpster Rental?

Maybe you're dealing with a foreclosure cleanout or just doing a late season spring cleaning, you've got a whole lot to rid yourself of and it needs to happen quickly. Of course, you want it to be convenient and not too expensive. So, if you opt for a dumpster rental, understand that you'll need to park it somewhere easy to access. Also, it is you who does the heavy lifting and all the work. Plus, you're limited to what you can throw into the large container.

Few homeowners are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to haul the waste off to the proper facilities on their own. It requires a large, weight-bearing vehicle that — that they need to fill and empty several times — the fuel for multiple trips to the correct disposal facilities, and in some cases the permits to drop off waste at those facilities. --Angie's List.com

All of this, not to mention the fact, you'll have to rent the right size. That's because if you rent a dumpster that's too small, you'll spend more to have it emptied and returned to fill again. On the other side, if you rent one that's too large, you'll waste money in the form of unused space. On top of all those downsides, it's going to take up a lot of space and that can easily become a real inconvenience. So, what are the advantages of a property cleanout service? Well, here are the benefits of bringing in a property cleanout service:

  • No heavy lifting. Unlike renting a dumpster, you won't be tasked with doing the hard work. Instead, a crew will do the cleanout for you and this makes it a faster process because it's not just a couple of people trying to tackle it.
  • Avoid all the sorting. When you rent a dumpster, you'll quickly learn certain items are prohibited. That means you'll do all the sorting, along with the heavy lifting. If you try to conceal prohibited items, you'll be disappointed when the rental company pokes through and finds it.
  • Get an upfront quote. With a property cleanout service, you'll receive an upfront quote. That's great information to have at your disposal because it won't leave you guessing. Plus, you won't have to figure out what size dumpster is needed.
  • Avoid local code violations. Another downside of renting a dumpster is the possibility of a code violation. Because of its size and purpose, it could violate one or more local codes. And, that means facing one or more fines.

Also, it’s just more convenient. So, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services to schedule property cleanout and we’ll take care of it for you.

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