Boca Grande Storm Shutter Removal and Disposal

storm shutter disposalStorm shutter disposal is not exactly the easiest thing to do, regardless of size. This is because you first must remove them and then, depending on your location, either recycle or junk them outright. Of course, because of the materials used in storm shutters, these are generally recyclable to a degree. But, these aren’t just something you can put out on the curb. So, here’s what you need to know about storm shutter removal and disposal.

Storm Shutter Disposal Options

Okay, before we get to the removal phase, let’s first deal with the disposal aspect. This is because it’s often more difficult to deal with any type of construction and remodeling debris removal than most people believe. The reason is simple. Most local trash collection agencies will only pick up household trash and not much past that.
Hurricane shutters are a very common sight with homes in a hurricane-prone area. They have been around for years now, but some cynicism does surround the process of making a decision of whether or not to install hurricane shutters. To some people, they give the exterior of your house a rather “ugly” look. They cause visual pollution for anyone who decides to take in your house on a nice day. Hurricane shutters can send their own debris and chips flying into your home. Although this would not always happen, the possibility of it takes the hurricane shutters basic function to trial. —Do It
If you’re wondering why, it’s due to the fact that more and more cities separate various refuse between recyclable and landfill. In short, the more they can salvage and reuse the better. Which is not only good for the environment but also good for consumers because it brings prices down. So, be sure to learn the proper disposal method before you pull the storm shutters off the exterior.

Boca Grande Storm Shutter Removal and Disposal

Now, onto the actual storm shutter removal. This is a somewhat laborious task and its one that will require at least one extra set of helping hands. But, with just a few tools, you can remove storm shutters on your own:
  • Determine the installation method. The majority of storm shutter systems use what’s known as an F-track (so named because it looks like the letter F turned down). If so, this is a system with two tracks which hold the panels in-place.
  • Take the panels off the F-track. If the panels are already installed, you’ll have to remove them first to get to the actual placement system. Set them aside and then continue.
  • Uninstall the F-track. Next, remove the tracks from the exterior wall with a drill-driver and/or pry bar. Wear eye protection and a dust mask to avoid injury and inhalation of dust and debris.
  • Fill the exterior wall holes. Once the tracks are off the exterior wall, you can then fill the holes left behind. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.
When you need storm shutter disposal, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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