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Broken HDTV Disposal Options in Tampa

broken HDTV disposal

Broken HDTV disposal. Doesn’t sound like much of a chore, now does it. But, here you are, reading this article, looking for answers. You’ve got a problem on your hands.

And, you’ve come to learn the hard way it’s not as simple as you first thought. The local trash collection agency will pick up and take away. Which means you can’t put it out on the curb.

If you do, it will just sit there, day after day. And, that might cost you a property code violation in the form of a costly fine.

What makes HDTV Disposal Difficult

While there are a few things to do with a broken HDTV, putting them on the curb in Tampa certainly isn’t one of them. It’s ugly and won’t serve any purpose if exposed to the weather elements too long. But you simply can’t help wonder why it’s not hauled away with all your other trash. In a word, it’s toxic. There are many hazards materials inside.

Low commodities prices around the world are making life difficult for electronics recyclers, especially those struggling to get rid of toxic materials from obsolete television sets. The result: Old TVs being dumped in the trash or on the side of the road and e-recycling companies improperly disposing of them, including a company caught last year burying old TVs and other electronics devices in a 10-foot-deep hole in a field. And that is bad news for the environment. --NBC

Because of the many hazardous materials inside, there’s just no way the local trash collection agency will pick it up and haul it away. Which means, you’ll have to do something different in order to offload it. Of course, that seriously limits what you can and cannot do with old electronics, whether it’s a TV or anything else.

Broken HDTV Disposal Options in Tampa

What’s more, if it’s broken, you might think there’s no way to get rid of it, short of taking a chance and putting into a dumpster somewhere. That’s just an unnecessary risk because you could get caught a face a fine for illegal dumping. So, here are some options for HDTV disposal you can use:

  • Sell it. Yes; it’s broken. Sure, it doesn’t work as it should. But, it’s still an electronic device. And, those parts inside are out there. Which means, it’s possible to sell it to someone who can repair it on their own. At the very least, you can part it out and put a little cash in your pocket.
  • Repair it. Okay, this isn’t probably at the top of your list (or even a consideration). But, repairing it might actually be a way to go. However, the cost of repair might well be too much to justify financially. Repair it and put it in a guestroom or somewhere else.
  • Have it junked. In most instances, it’s better to just junk that old television. You can call a local service to pick it up and take it off your hands once and for all.

If you need broken HDTV disposal done, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.