Dishwasher Failure Signs Fort Myers Residents should Heed

Dishwasher Failure Signs Fort Myers Residents should HeedDishwasher failure signs range from subtle to obvious. (One common problem is a bad heating element.) So, there’s not always clear-cut evidence a dishwasher is going bad. That being said, there are instances when it’s unmistakable. Over time, any major appliance will fail. It’s more a question of when than if, particularly for workhorses like the dishwasher.

Basic Dishwasher Appliance Troubleshooting

Let’s begin with a few basic dishwasher appliance troubleshooting tips. Check the power to ensure the breaker on the main power panel isn’t tripped to the neutral or off position. Also, check the appliance itself to ensure the safety lock isn’t engaged. If the safety lock is activated, it won’t work as it should. Also, look under the kitchen cabinet, adjacent to the appliance. See if the hoses are in good condition.

Simple maintenance will wipe out 90 percent of dishwasher problems. The three common problems are: the dishes don’t come out clean, the dishwasher leaks water, and the dishwasher won’t start. We’ll show you how to make the fixes yourself and save the money you would have paid a repairman. --Family

Another thing to check is the inside. If the spray arms are blocked or clogged up, that’s likely the cause of recent poor performance. And, look carefully at the heating coils at the bottom. These should not be rusted, corroded, or worn out.

Dishwasher Failure Signs Fort Myers Residents should Heed

Before you start shopping around for a new appliance, ensure the dishwasher is on its last leg. Because a dishwasher, like other major appliances, has several components, there’s often at least one or more telltale signs it’s going bad. Here are some common dishwasher failure signs:

  • Dishes are not clean. Talk about super obvious. But, this can actually mean more than one thing. Check the spray arms for clogs. Also, check the water supply because, without water, the unit won’t clean.
  • Water pools underneath. Water pooling is generally due to a bad door gasket and/or faulty float switch. Look for any cracks or stickage. If one of these doesn’t function, it can cause water to puddle. It could be a clog, bad spray arms, or the dishes were loaded too close, and/or too many dishes were put inside the appliance.
  • Over/under-filling with water. Over and underfilling are signs there’s a problem with the water supply or the float switch. So, check for any obstructions and ensure the float switch is good. Also, if it doesn’t drain, that’s a problem; probably due to a clog.
  • Strange noises. Dishwashers don’t operate completely silently. But, weird noises are a cause for concern. For instance, any thumping sounds or strange humming are not normal and need further examination.

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