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Do these Things before Moving Day

Leaving a home you've lived in for years is filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, it's an exciting time, but it's also bittersweet. You have a lot of memories to look back on fondly, but also, have plenty of opportunities to make future memories. It's also a time of anxiety and a bit of confusion, all under a time crunch. It seems the days get decidedly shorter, and, it's like very little gets done when the days come to a close.

Do these Things before Moving Day


This is why you need a plan, well in advance of moving day. It's funny how we as consumers treat different tasks. When it comes to buying a new smartphone or computer, we read any and all user and industry reviews, compare various models, and ask family and friends about their experiences. The same holds true for a car purchase, investigating all details to know as much as possible before jumping into the driver's seat.

Eliminate as much trash as you can before moving day. Last-minute garbage will inevitably build up the day prior to and the day of loading. Try making a deal with a neighbor to use their trash container for your last-minute debris. Many items that are considered flammable are not going to be loaded by the driver and crew. Understand what these items are so that you are not stuck with trying to get rid of them on day of loading.

Moving is one of those things that's is high on the collective dissatisfaction list. It's certainly no fun, usually a lot of work no matter the amount of help, and, never seems to end. These clearly demonstrate why you need a workable action plan that includes doing these things before moving day:

  • Use-up frozen and dry goods early on. You don't want to throw food away, but, you probably also won't take these with you to your new locale. Use these for meals, starting about thirty to forty days before moving day.
  • Find any local bank branches. If you really like your bank, then you'll probably want to forgo having to open another account. Should your accounts be with a regional bank, you might not find a local branch in your new area.
  • Get your prescription(s) transferred. Speak with your doctor and/or pharmacist about transferring your prescription(s) to your new locale. In addition, you ought to ask for a referral from your doctor for another practitioner when you move.
  • Transfer or cancel subscriptions and memberships. Magazine, newspaper, gym, and other subscriptions and memberships will have to be transferred or cancelled. It helps to do this a few weeks in advance to avoid last minute problems.
  • Have your car(s) checked. The last thing you'll want is to be stranded on the side of the road because a belt gave out. Take your car in about a week before you move just to have it looked over for peace of mind.
  • Schedule utility connections. Have the utilities turned on a few hours after you arrive. Don't do this in advance if you or someone else can't be there, or, wait too long to make the appointment only to learn you'll have a day or two without.


You should also go on a heavy purging spree and begin to sort out what you no longer use or need. If you need help paring down and need AAA Rousse junk removal and hauling service, give us a call at: 800-433-1094, or, visit AAA Rousse.

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