Dunedin Florida Room Home Office Conversion Tips

Florida room home office conversionA Florida room home office conversion is just the right solution for those who need a dedicated workspace. But, this will present a few sizeable challenges because a Florida room isn’t designed to accommodate such a function. Intended as a place to relax and soak up the sunlight, it’s not exactly equipped to handle a professional workstation. However, with a bit of planning and some imagination, you can do a Florida room home office conversion with a little effort.

Florida Room Home Office Conversion Considerations

Of course, you should think about this Florida room home office conversion carefully before you begin. It’s a well known fact in the residential real estate profession that homebuyers strongly object to room conversions. The fact of the matter is, if you plan to sell in the next few years, you’ll have to convert it back. That’s because buyers just don’t like rooms used for any other purpose than the original design.
A sunroom is an area with either have partial or full glass walls. This type of room is a flexible space that can serve as a great addition to your home. Generally, a sunroom has 3 walls and then the wall that is opened up to your home. The traditional sunroom has full-sized glass windows that span the entire height and width of the room. The concept is to let sun in to create a warm and welcoming area. —Do It Yourself.com
In other words, if you convert a two-car garage into living space, that will present an obstacle to marketing it. Sure, you’ve gained more living space, but at the expense of another vital function. And, you’ve done something much more permanent. After all, it’s not easy to change it back.

Dunedin Florida Room Home Office Conversion Tips

The same fact will indeed hold true for a Florida room home office conversion. But, since the changes are minor, this won’t be as big a deal. So, let’s take a look at what you need to incorporate in a Florida room home office conversion:
  • Privacy. Florida rooms aren’t well-known for their privacy. They are supposed to be open, airy spaces. An office isn’t. Which means, you’ll have to think about how to make it private, on-demand, when needed. Equip the room to quickly be shut off from the rest of the house when privacy is key.
  • Workspace. Think about where the desk will go and how to retain an uninterrupted traffic flow. That’s not necessary an easy thing to pull off. But, it’s necessary if you plan to still use the entry/exit to and from outside.
  • Climate control. Florida rooms are generally lacking in comfortable climate control as they typically aren’t equipped with central air and heat. So, you might have to add on to the HVAC or get a dedicated unit.
  • Electrical outlets. Another thing Florida room generally lack is electrical outlets. While there might well be a few, it’s likely there aren’t enough. Bring in an experienced, licensed electrician to upgrade the new workspace.
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