Failing Dishwasher Signs to Look For

failing dishwasher signsSome failing dishwasher signs are obvious. Others are much more subtle. So, there’s not always clear cut evidence a dishwasher is going bad. However, you’ll probably pick up on a few clues here and there. For instance, it might finish with soap residue or doesn’t not completely dry dishes. Of course, heavy use and age are also factors, as well as indicators.

Appliance and Dishwasher Disposal

If the dishwasher is failing, you’ll need to replace it. But, it could be an easy fix to get it running properly again. One common problem is a bad heating element. Just like those in the oven and water heater, metal coils provide heat. So, wet or damp dishes might well be due to a bad heating element. An obstructed spray arm is another common problem.
Simple maintenance will wipe out 90 percent of dishwasher problems. The three common problems are: the dishes don’t come out clean, the dishwasher leaks water, and the dishwasher won’t start. We’ll show you how to make the fixes yourself and save the money you would have paid a repairman. —Family
If water leaks from the appliance, it’s probably a bad door gasket. That can be replaced to maintain a watertight seal. If the door gasket isn’t the culprit, it might indicate a stuck float switch. The float switch is the mechanism which causes the appliance to drain at a certain water level. Of course, if it’s just simply going bad outright, you’ll need to schedule appliance removal and replace the dishwasher.

Failing Dishwasher Signs to Look For

Before you start shopping around for a new appliance, ensure the dishwasher is on its last leg. Because a dishwasher, like other major appliances, has several components, there’s often at least one or more telltale signs it’s going bad. Here are the most common failing dishwasher signs to look for:
  • The cycle completes but doesn’t clean. Unclean dishes can mean an overloaded appliance. But, if the dishwasher isn’t jam packed, then the spray arms are most likely the reason. Check the spray arms for clogs. Also, check the water supply because without water, the unit won’t clean.
  • Water puddles around the appliance. As mentioned above, water puddles are usually due to the door gasket and/or the float switch. If either aren’t functioning, water will leak out of the appliance onto the floor underneath.
  • Over/underfilling with water. Over and underfilling are signs there’s a problem with the water supply or the float switch. So, check for any obstructions and ensure the float switch is good. Also, if it doesn’t drain, that’s a problem; probably due to a clog.
  • Strange noises. Dishwashers don’t operate completely silently. But, weird noise are a cause for concern. For instance, any thumping sounds or strange humming are not normal and need further examination.
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