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Failing TV Disposal Options in Venice

Failing TV Disposal Options in Venice

Failing TV disposal. It doesn’t sound like much of a chore, now does it. But, here you are, reading this article, looking for answers. You’ve got a problem on your hands. And, you’ve come to learn the hard way it’s not as simple as you first thought. The local trash collection agency will pick up and take away. Which means you can’t put it out on the curb. If you do, it will just sit there, day after day. And, that might cost you a property code violation in the form of a costly fine. So, read on to learn more about failing TV disposal.

Common Obstacles

Okay, so let’s look at a typical scenario. You see a great deal on a new, state-of-the-art TV. And, it’s a great excuse to finally offload that old television. You bring the new one home, and quickly work to set it up. But, you still have to deal with the old electronic disposal. No problem, you’ll just throw it out on the curb. And, to your surprise, it’s still there after trash day.

Low commodities prices around the world are making life difficult for electronics recyclers, especially those struggling to get rid of toxic materials from obsolete television sets. The result: Old TVs being dumped in the trash or on the side of the road and e-recycling companies improperly disposing of them, including a company caught last year burying old TVs and other electronics devices in a 10-foot-deep hole in a field. And that is bad news for the environment. --NBC News

At first you just think it got missed and the next trash pick up day, it will disappear. But no. It’s still right there. That old TV still works, so you think you’ll just take it to the nearest charity collection and that will take care of it. However, it’s refused. What gives? The answer is that it contains hazardous materials. And, there’s simply no market for an old television (particularly, one that’s going bad).

Failing TV Disposal Options in Venice

With a little patience and persistence, you can unload your old television. It’s just not going to be as easy as putting it out with your other household trash. But, there are options for failing TV disposal:

  • Sell it. Host a garage, yard, or block sale and price it really, really cheap. You might just find a buyer who can’t resist. Or, you might opt to pair it with something else and basically give it away.
  • Repair it. Okay, this isn’t probably at the top of your list (or even a consideration). But, repairing it might actually be a way to go. However, the cost of repair might well be too much to justify financially. Repair it and put it in a guestroom or somewhere else.
  • Give it away. You can also give that TV to a local charity or school. If it’s in working condition, there are plenty of places which will accept this electronic as a gift. After all, it’s worthwhile to give it a try.
  • Junk it outright. Should none of the above options be a good fit, then just opt to junk it. You can simply call a junk removal service to cart it away, along with anything else you don’t need.

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