Fort Walton Beach Dilapidated Fence Removal and Disposal

dilapidated fence removalIf you have an old fence on your property and it’s beginning to break, you should make it a top priority to take it down. It’s not only an eyesore, but also a safety hazard; and, one that could cost you quite a bit of stress and money. When fencing becomes dilapidated, its main function is compromised. That is to say, it will not contain whatever should be kept within its boundaries, meaning, pets can easily wander off and stray animals will have access, which can be a safety problem for pets and children.

Fort Walton Beach Dilapidated Fence Removal

Before you begin the tear down process, you need to do two things: ensure that the whole fence is on your property, and, that there are no utility lines running near it. If the fence is partially or entirely on your neighbors property, you’ll have to speak with him or her. In addition, if there are utility lines, you’ll have to know their precise location in order to avoid breaking them.
An ugly, broken, dilapidated fence is one of those things that makes your property look horrible, no matter how nice your home and yard is. Not only are these rundown fences unsightly, but they can also post safety issues that can lead to injury and even lawsuits. —A & G Fencing
After you’ve done those two things, then you’ll need some tools, which include: heavy boots, leather gloves, eye protection, a shovel, a claw hammer, a pry bar, and a set of helping hands. When taking down the fence, be sure to exercise caution, because there will likely be sharp objects, such as nails that can be a hazard. Once ready, follow these steps:
  1. Start by removing any gates. Place something under a closed gate and unfasten the hinges.
  2. Begin with the openings, working your way around the perimeter by unfastening the fence walls from the post sunk into the ground.
  3. Next, begin to dig up the post. These will usually the song at least a few feet into the ground, and will likely be secured with concrete.
Though digging up the post will be quite a bit of work, it’s necessary because those places are likely going to be the same points in which the new post for new fencing.

Dilapidated Fence Disposal

If the fence is made of wood, you can strip it of any metal, and cut it up to make it easier to load onto a truck or trailer to haul away. Should it be made entirely of metal, you can roll up the sections and sell the material as scrap. If you don’t have a truck or trailer, and want to avoid a hefty dumping fee, then call a junk removal service to all the old fence away. Just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services.

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