Garage Workshop Conversion Tips

garage workshop conversionIf you’re really into your hobby or even considering making it into your full-time gig, you might be considering a garage to workshop conversion. Unlike adding livable square footage, this won’t entail as much planning and work, but, you should learn about any local building codes. You might have to apply for and receive a permit to do the conversion. If you forego this, you’ll have quite a bit of trouble with selling your home. A garage to workshop conversion can be worthwhile when done right, but it must be adequately planned in advance.

Garage Workshop Conversion Tips

Of course, the very first step is to clean out the garage. While you might be tempted to just junk a few items and move others around, you’ll learn this won’t create a space that’s conducive for the actual conversion work. So, start by sorting everything in your garage, much like you would for a storage shed cleanout. Separate everything and assign them to things to keep, stuff to give away, and junk to throw out.
Turn a garage into a functional and good-looking DIY workshop by first clearing the garage completely. Like a clean canvas, an empty garage lets you plan what you need rather than planning around the clutter. Lay out cabinets, counters, shelves, drawers, pegboards and bins for a workshop with a place for everything and then put everything in its place. —Ron Hazelton
You’ll find it’s not necessarily easy to get rid of stuff like old paint and primer, as well as other hazardous materials. Don’t be tempted into illegal dumping, instead, just call a junk hauling and removal service to deal with all the stuff you’re throwing out. Once the space is cleared out, you can then begin to plan and do your garage to workshop conversion.

Garage to Workshop Conversion Tips

To transform your garage into a functional workshop, you’ll need to get it ready for its new purpose. Although most garages double as a storage and workspace, to turn it into an actual workshop, you’ll need to make it a comfortable and function environment. Here are some helpful garage to workshop conversion tips to use to get a good result:
  • Update the electrical wiring. Garages are notorious for having very few electrical outlets. In addition, the wiring might not be able to handle the new load. Have a licensed electrician inspect the wiring and circuit breaker box. Upgrade the wiring if necessary and install additional electrical outlets.
  • Ventilate and insulate. Because you’ll be using the space as a functional workshop, it will need to be well ventilated and insulated — especially if you’re doing a lot of painting, sanding, and like work.
  • Climate control the space. Depending on your existing central heat and air system, you might be able to tie into it to climate control the space. If not, consider upgrading the HVAC unit, or, install at least one air conditioner window unit to make it comfortable.
  • Install window and door weather-stripping. Some garages not only have an exterior door, but also, one or more windows. Install window and door weather-stripping to help keep the space climate controlled.
  • Hang cabinets and shelving. Once the electrical wiring and outlets are done and the climate control, ventilation, and insulation, you can then hang cabinets and shelves. If you are going all-out and hanging drywall, install the drywall first and then hang cabinets and shelves.
When you need help with garage cleanout, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services. Our crew will come out when and where you need them and organize and clean out your garage so you can convert it to a workshop.

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