Hernando Beach Home Appraisal Preparation Tips

home appraisal preparationHome appraisal preparation is an essential, important step to helping the sale go through. And, it’s a good idea to start the process with junk removal. Simply put, the less clutter and stuff that’s on and around the property, the better. After all, the appraiser will take just about everything into account for the valuation. And, that means practically every single thing. Plus, it’s best to have a junk hauling service come out and lighten your load to make moving easier. So, let’s take a quick look at some helpful home appraisal preparations steps.

How Junk Removal Helps Home Appraisals

The main thing to keep in mind about the appraisal is it will mostly focus on your property. Even though the appraiser will assess the condition and market value of the homes on the block, your property is the key. The more presentable it looks, the better for your prospects of the valuation supporting the agreed sales price.
One common thread that runs through homeowners is that they typically think their home is the nicest in the development, according to veteran appraisers. The single most difficult challenge to a Florida appraiser is trying to convince a homeowner otherwise. Whether or not you own the nicest home on the block, when it comes time to refinance or sell it, getting a high house appraisal is crucial. —Real Estate.com
Think about it this way — if you don’t prep the house, you’re missing a golden opportunity. It’s a chance to form a good impression from the moment the appraiser arrives. If you don’t take advantage, the appraiser will definitely notice the lack of effort.

Hernando Beach Home Appraisal Preparation Tips

Home appraisal preparation starts with a big time deep clean inside. Not just picking up around the house. But, a good, solid purge of everything that you no longer use or don’t need. Then, you can deep clean and disinfect. That is, after you brush on a coat of fresh paint in the rooms that need it. Basically, you’re staging the home (if you’ve not already done so). Then do the following home appraisal preparation steps:
  • Refresh the curb appeal. Remember, the first thing the appraiser will see is the outside of the house. So, pressure wash the outside, cut the grass, and plant colorful flowers. Then, spread some mulch in key areas. Make the curb appeal pop to impress.
  • Make all necessary repairs. Anything that’s broken should already be fixed. But, if it isn’t, now is the time. (Particularly if the home inspection has yet to occur.) Don’t ignore anything that need repair or replacement.
  • Create a finished home improvement list. You’ll leave this out for the appraiser. It should include an improvements, along with new appliances, and other makeovers and upgrades.
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