How to Get Rid of Old Metal Patio Furniture

Metal patio furniture is designed to be sturdy and provide many years worth of function, able to withstand weather elements and provide comfort for outdoor living spaces. Over time, metal can lose its aesthetics and its material can begin to corrode, forming rust, along with peeling paint, and seating material becoming torn or ripped.

In some instances, damage can be repaired, with a little effort and new material, old patio furniture can be made to look new and extend its life for many years. However, more often than not, it cannot be salvaged and must be junked, hauled away and discarded.

How to Restore and Salvage Old Metal Patio Furniture

If you believe the outdoor furniture can be saved, the first thing you need to do is test its durability. One way to do this is simply place your foot on the seat of a chair or on top of a table and push slowly, exerting gradual force to see if the metal becomes pliable. Next, you can place a heavy towel or blanket over the corroded chair or table an attempt to say it slowly allowing your weight to evenly distribute. If the integrity of the metal seems to be intact, then you can refinish it.

...considering the cost of sandblasting and paint and the time involved, if the look is all that matters to you, you might be better off going with a stylish reproduction or refurb instead. --DIY Network

This will likely take quite a bit of time and elbow grease, but, old corroded metal furniture can be brought back to life. Start with a coarse wire brush and be sure to wear protective leather gloves as well as eye protection. It's also good to wear a disposable painter's mask to keep you from inhaling anything that might be dangerous.

Once most of the corrosion has been brushed off, then it's time to work your way to the bare metal underneath. This is where the real effort will be needed most, using 60 to 80 grit sandpaper. If that doesn't work, it might have to be sandblasted, which can be quite expensive.

After the bare metal is completely exposed, you can then prime and paint the furniture to make it look new again. It's a good idea to select a primer and paint that is specific for repelling outdoor weather elements. Usually, you'll need more than one coat and that too, can become costly, especially if you're using spray paint, because you'll lose an average of 20 percent of the paint in the wind.

How to Dispose and Get Rid of Old Metal Patio Furniture

If the metal is too compromised to be able to be functional to use as outdoor furniture again, you can simply dispose of it but, it will have to be done in compliance with your city's code and disposal regulations. It can be taken to a recycling facility or you can call a junk removal service to haul it away, along with anything else you want to get rid of that's cluttering your property.

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